Sunday, July 16, 2006


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Way back in February as the other spot whores and I sat down to plan the season, the fairhill classic came up on each of our lists. It's a local race, a 7 minute bike ride from my house, annually one of the largest drawing, and best run, best courses in the east. Diane looked at me as I was working on prioritizing my races and gave me the real deal.

"I hope you don't list Fairhill as an A race this year, because you always seem to fuck that one up."




gwadzilla said...

I scanned the site for a results page
not finding it
then again
I was shocked that people who host an amazing race with such organization would have a site that is so hard to navigate

help a brotha out!
where are the results

I did not race
wanted to race
want to see how it went
heard a few stories
want to see a couple of names

heard there were 40 single speeders!

bet the hose after the race washed more than bikes

I remember accidently filling my belly up like a Cambelback after last year's Fairhill event

gwadzilla said...

I will have to make sure to hit both Granogue and Fairhill next year...

somehow these were on my radar
but still got past

guess that reminds me how unorganized I am

Manicmtbr said...


They are sorting things out still a bit.

42 singlespeeders in the SS class alone, many more out there.