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He's ok if he's not the fastest on the block, but that doesn't lead him to treat cycling like an adult kickball league as so many do. Cycling is important. It's ok to train for it. It's ok to want to be faster, because that's actually more fun than sucking completely. At the same time, being fast doesn't make you better than anyone else, and he knows that, too.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I declare this this best weekend this year (thus far)...

Dear Reader,

At long last spring has sprung. This weekend was amazing weather wise and pretty much what we have all been waiting for... it was GLORIOUS!

I got in some really good rides both days. I'm pretty stoked...

In the third hour of our ride Saturday- an amazing road ride with TedLogic, Tom Mc, Buddy, Consorto and I, TedLogic's phone went off. He was pretty excited as his phone picked up his verbal cues.

The phone started: "302.867.5309 calling. Can you answer?"

TedLogic responded "No. I can't right now"

The phone asked, "would you like to send a text?"

To which Buddy yelled, "Can't talk now watching porn!"

Everyone started laughing, and I almost crashed off the road...

It always get's strange in that third hour...

Longtime readers know that Monkey has been battling a knee injury for a very long time. She hasn't ridden a bike since the Providence Cross Festival. It has been a long hard road, and it's going to continue to be a long road. I was very stoked to get to ride for half an hour with Diane both days this weekend. It was a ton of fun, and frankly made my weekend.

These rides were very measured,  (well except through the 180 at the end of main street- she rolled through there and leaned the bike over pretty good there)...She was all smiles after that corner... Both of those rides were awesome, and highlights of the year for me sure... My favorite riding partner.

exhaustion and smiles at the vanderbacon home this weekend.

thanks for reading


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the greatest picture ever, pivot tables, and a lot work to do...

Dear Readers,

A little more follow up on the International Relay.

First, I'm sure you've seen this amazing shot:

Abe did a great job with that one. I have to be honest- work was pretty busy on Monday. I took a quick glance at Abe's shots, and didn't notice this one. And then... Then my phone just started to blow up, first my friends at Kelpius, then my local riding friends, then the MASS Face book page...  I'll just share this about when she passed me:

"she gave me a little elbow in the ribs as she passed. then she winked at me and said, "what!? you wanna go?" I wasn't sure if I was at a hockey fight or a bike race! I gave all I had, I just couldn't keep that wheel..."

I sent Abe a note, and I bought a copy of the picture. I like it that much.

Also wanted to share this video of the start from Andy Bloom because it's rad:

Now that the results have been posted... Let's fire them into a pivot table and do some serious nerding out on these laps (because that's what a mid-pack masters rider does! )

Team rank by laps:

I threw all the laps into a pivot table and while I wasn't totally stoked to have the 39th fastest lap on the day, I was pleased that my laps were pretty consistent:
no negative splits, but given where I am right now, I'll take it...

BTW if you're interested in checking out my pivot table and geeking out on data, I'm happy to share- just drop me a line...

best to you...


Sunday, April 6, 2014

The International Relay

Dear Readers,
Anne Rocking!
Last weekend was the International Relay put on by Mike Kuhn and his crew on the Farm in Marysville. I know folks always think I'm joking, but I am very serious when I say this is my favorite race all year. The course is tight and fun, and the racing is always close. This year was no exception. The event is very social in nature, and in some ways it feels like the first day of school, seeing friends who you haven't seen during the winter break. Lots of smiling faces:

Dave and Joe- who I am lucky to have slap me around each week!

Johan- crushed solo despite a first lap flat... my favorite cross rival!
My C3 Teammate Gary will probably get a uniform fine, but the unicorn outfit is worth the fine...

Anne Rock; Jimmy Rock, Damien who rode a trainer all day, and Carolyn the nicest person in the world.

Matt M looked good. 2/3 of the fastest team on the day- Nick Sears, Chris Consorto (my traveling companion), not pictured Adam Erb... 
My teammate Ginny and her Cool Mom... She was flying today..
Brian K and Chip waiting to get on course!
Eric Roman- doesn't own a bike, but was here to shoot in the biathlon!
Anne Rock and World Famous Stacy Gold in the background..

Guy I don't Know, Brice, Mike K the man who makes it all happen, and Matty  BEE!
 I drove up with Consorto, who was teamed with Adam and Nick. I was teamed with Wes and McGill. I haven't seen lap times (other than from strava) as the results aren't posted yet. I think the timers were a new crew who had a bit of a tough time. When they post them I'm throw 'em in a pivot table and geek out on the data. Overkill? yeah, but I'm a mid pack masters racer, what else would you expect?
Transition area. Who is the dork with Hi-Vis booties- talking to Alan the cleaner? yeah. it's me.

Transition area...

Buddy and Kita asked how my day went. I started by saying that I thought the talent pool was as deep or deeper than I can remember at the International. Next,  I will admit I was a little disappointed with my performance, but very pleased with my effort. I haven't really found my legs yet, but I'm working on it. I believe I'm doing the right things, and the form will come around. I'm also confident that I didn't leave a single second out there on any of the laps that I completed. I was very happy with my ride. It was my best effort. It was really fun. I kept my head when my race bike front derailleur got derailed during my pre-ride. It was getting close to race time so frankly, I put my amazing carbon fiber dream bike on the roof of the fit, and grabbed my B-bike. The one with a new to me frame I bought from an old buddy, complete with a sweet rigid fork. Maybe, I had only ridden it once... But end it worked wonderfully.
McGill's butt...

Wes, me, and Chris
I was honored to race with Wes and Chris- two guys who I think are pretty amazing human beings, and that's not considering that they ride bikes pretty damn well too!

anyway, 363 days until the 2015 International relay. I gotta tough up a little.

Anyway, thanks for reading.