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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

something about monkey

Dear Readers,

After a week of being sick with the Flu and a sinus infection, I finally got myself back out on the bike with Monkey Sunday morning over at White Clay. Monkey had been taken it easy herself in an effort to not catch what I had, and well- December.

We bombed around the trail system, and both of us were clearing out sinuses via snot-rocket-palooza. This could have been the cool weather, or the effort finally allowing us to clear out the last of a sinus infection. Monkey has always shot a lot of snot during her rides, today was an all time level of snot rockets. It was truly impressive.

Up the border trail, one of the longer escalating climbs in the park, Monk fired a snot rocket which I thought came by my head a little close. "easy there monkey, let's no have any friendly fire accidents here..."

We laughed and enjoyed the rest of our our ride.

Flash-forward to Monday. I head out on the road bike a lunch, My glasses are sitting on my helmet as they were Sunday during my mtb ride. I pull them off and actually use them. When I place them on it is immediately clear that I cannot see out of the right lens. My near miss, was actually a hit. I had visions of Something about Mary, only with Snot not... well hair gel.

Smiling, I placed my glass back on my helmet and spun on...

thanks for reading.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bob Joos: Mid Atlantic Cyclocross Man of the Year

Dear Readers,

Just prior to the start of the season, Kelly Cline, who no doubt would belong on the Mount Rushmore of Mid Atlantic Cross, or the Mid Atlantic Cross Hall of Fame if such a thing existed posted this to his Facebook page:

"Before heckling. Jeers of now use to be cheers. We used to have something called the Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  We fed each other. We pitted for each other. We trained together. We unconditionally supported one another regardless of what kit we were wearing. We rode hard and had fun. Let's get back to those days."

Bob up the stairs at Sly Fox

Bob at Crossasaurus Awesome
It is with this quote that I approached my cross season, and while I had only intended to do 1-2 races, my season and love of cross blossomed into a wonderful time, 13 races strong. And while it may have finished a little pre-maturely -getting to cheer for, be cheered on by, supported by and in general watching Bob support and foster our community will be one of the memories of this season that I will keep fondly.
Bob ready to take on his race..
Bob is a 56 year old cat 5 in his third year of cross racing. He has done 16 races this year. Bob has produced strong results on the race course. But far more important that what Bob had done between the tape, is what Bob has brought to the community. 
Bob pitting for one of many riders this year...
When I read Kelly's pre-season quote, Bob Joos is the guy who quickly comes to my mind first. Our friends at confirm that Bob raced 16 races this year. I know that doesn't seem like enough, because from his race reports, and cheering voice, 16 doesn't seem to capture all the places and races Bob has been. Bob would race his guts out, and regardless of placing, start the hard work of his day. From the moment he was done racing, you could count on him to be in the pit working for everyone regardless of team. Shouting encouragement and sharing his energy with all the community.

On your worst days, Bob was the voice that keep you digging deep, and on your best days Bob was the voice that made you feel like Sven Nys. Bob embodies community. After each race, Bob would write up a brief report of his race, honest and fun to read, but his race was never the focus of the reports, it was his friends, teammates, and community that he continued to cheer on, encourage and take pride in.

We all have the power to lift people up or knock them down, I'm proud to have watched Bob lift far more than his share this season. Bob is awesome, and his efforts this year truly unmatched. I hope we can all bring what Bob brings to the race next year!

Please join me in congratulating Bob Joos as the Mid Atlantic Cyclocross Man of the year.

Thanks for all you do Bob. Thanks for being one of the guys that makes this community special.

thanks for reading.

Photos by: Jen Sears, Bill White and Nicole Sheets


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Buddy the Leg Breaker...

Dear Readers:

Here's a video of Buddy the Leg Breaker throwing down watts on Saturday:


See I told you.

Here's a little of Buddy, Consorto and I doing a little dip, duck, dodge and dive...
More watts from Buddy on the climb... And my first experiment with snarky commentary..


thanks for reading and you know watching some strange  POV videos...
The second video is not playing as I would like... Still figuring this out to some extent...
All for the benefit of the Fatmarc Vanderbacon blog readers...

best to you