Monday, September 5, 2005

Jebb does everything-

It was pretty incredible. It was weird, I have never been in a race where we had a big lead, or were in control of the race like that. I knew we had a strong team, but never expected anything like this. In the end, we won by a Lap, and a little over an hour. Looking at all teams in all classes we were the 4th fastest team. I shutter to think what we could have done, had Dan had a chain tool. (just kidding.)

I have mad respect, for our competition, Dirty Harry's the 4x defending champions, and frankly in my experiences the best grass roots/shop team I have ever seen. Those boys can flat ride bikes like no body's business. At the awards they were incredibly gracious, totally classy, I have mad respect for them, they are true champions. Beans bikes, lead by Bob, Bikeline who chased hard.
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