Monday, May 8, 2006


Perhaps this comment captures the weekend best for me. “you know I’m used to racing and people cheering for me, “go l web” , or even “ go if chick” , but this weekend for the first time people were cheering for me, “go mom!” “I’m not sure how I feel about that…” LWeb shared with me beaming with pride as we sent Jeb out for his final lap.


IF Chicks said...

Go Jeb...
I am stealing this pix for IF Chicks website :)

rickyd said...

Jeb was my pace car for a while on lap 1 for a couple of miles. No doubt, the kid is fast!

Congrats on the fine performance for the three of you.

Elk said...

Awesome job Jeb, L. Webb, Fatmarc and the rest of the Spot Brand wrecking crew!

Chris said...

Great race, great write-up.

The whole family/friends/community vibe was amazing. I think most everyone there was pulling for you guys.

Here's a photo of you ending one of your AM laps, looking a bit tired, but still throwing down.

gwadzilla said...

great race
great report

people like Phil Rice and Laurie Webb are inspirational to me
as a father to two young children is amazes me to see people to so much at such a high intensity
then to see their children take on a passion for the sport they love....
I only hope that I can be so lucky!

as mentioned
great race
you were rocking and rolling out there

and yes
you did not look so pretty when we stood at the start finish waiting for our team mates to finish their laps and pass off the baton

gwadzilla said...

I think that Jeb was a little scared of me

good kid

he should go with his instincts

camps said...

Look out France,
how good are these two going to be when they come back from the alps??

congrats and good luck

Tab said...

Congrats Marc and of course, teammates!! Sorry I was flaky by not saying anything to you about your awesome results. My mind was with Connor. That's fantastic!

Mark said...

Yay Marc and Team!!!

I see ya'll saturday.