Wednesday, May 17, 2006

hippies, as good as it gets, more granogue, and a new nickname.

My wife, as I have detailed here before, likes dirty hippie bands. Now she’s not a deadhead, but damn, Dave Mathews, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, and Matt Costa, forget about it she’s all over it. Matt Costa is what brought us to the city of brotherly love Tuesday night for an intimate evening with the 88, and Matt Costa, at the North Star Bar.

88 was a poppy killerseque band from LA. They were fun. Matt Costa came on next. He proceeded to put his harmonica on and bump his head on the microphone. “I meant to do that” he said with a smile. He was really good on stage and pretty damn funny. At one point he brought the best clapper in the crowd up on stage. That was really funny. Gotta say, I don’t love that dirty hippie music, but I did have a good time.

The couple standing next to us was pretty jacked up. I’m not even sure they were 21. I am pretty sure the were rocking out on some ecstasy though. I think this because at first they were rocking some pretty gratuitous public displays of affection. And then as they were cuddling and all huggy the girl kept grabbing my leg, and well, my butt. Funny thing is she didn’t realize that it wasn’t her boyfriend’s leg and butt. They’d be hugging and she’d go right past his leg and grab mine. I’d move over and it would keep up. I don’t think she ever realized it was me and not him. Damn, He must be a pretty good cyclist too.

Later in the show, she was pretty wobbly and looked a little green. I thought she was gonna puke on my new Danskos. Luckily she did not.


Frank Brigandi said...

2 things..
1.) I desperately need a nice pair of Brown Clogs Dansko's.. gotta get to the KOP mall for those..thanks for reminding me..
2.) I used to play the NOrth Star Bar when it first opened. The owner was totally into cycling and remembered me from watching road racing ( european) on his satellite and when I was playing ( between rehabbing injuries, he'd always take really good care of whatever band I was in...but I can;t remmember his name, too many head injuries, fock!!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Les Leach played guitar.