Sunday, May 14, 2006

2006 Granogue: my point of view

We have proudly had the Granogue mountain bike race for almost 10 years now. Four times I have been race director. Other times, I have had various roles in the promoting this race. With the demise of the Wooden Wheels Team this year, many of us feared the loss of this race, So I agreed to take on race director duties again. I enjoyed directing this year more than any other; I believe that this was due largely to the community approach to putting on this race. All Newark bike shops contributed: Wooden Wheels, Henry’s, and Newark Bike Line. We had 8 different teams working (IF, Spot, Henry’s, Bike line, Fort Frames, Visit Pa, Wilmington Velocity, ADG/Joes not to mention my parents, my brother, employees of Dansko, and Wooden Wheels. For me it was a joy to work with all of these great people to put on an event as a tribute to Andrew. (the view of the dawn from teh Granogue Tower is breathtaking. Every race, I try to make it out to see it...)


Mark said...


Once again, a most excellent race. Thank you. Leg marking is kind of lame (frankly, I had forgotten all about it).

Congrats on Diane's podium. I'm just sorry we didn't stick around to see it.


Chris said...

I will tell you again, Great Race! I like leg marking but that's just me and I am nobody. I enjoy knowing who is around me, especially with more and more people riding SS in age groups, SS starting in different spots each race, Races like FC where Sports, Experts, and Endurance are out together. There is no reason for me to chase a expert up a climb and burn myself when I don't need to whether I have it in my legs or not. Either way... I think you guys did an awesome job and I don't think anybody cared that much about the leg marking.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures! well, except for the blair witch shot of fatmarc's face. j/k, you're beautiful, too!

Anonymous said...

A big thank to you and all the others that put in the time and effort and dealt us a most excellent race.
It was awsome to look over my shoulder and see you running down the course after me, waving a water bottle and demanding a kiss. Funny and frightening all at the same time.

Andrew said...

Excellent race. The course and support were awesome. Thank you again for taking on the responsibility.

Andrew M

Chris said...

Judging by the buzz about the race it sounds like you put on a great one.

I was sorry to miss it, but other shit had to get done.

I'll make my re-entry into xc mtb racing at some point this year.