Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trail Ridin'

Weekend was really cold. So cold that as it warmed up to 40 yesterday, I felt like I didn't need a jacket, or a hat, or pants... meaning I could wear shorts...

Trails were super frozen, and fun. Monk and I racked up some good miles on Saturday doing a 4 park ride. I advised against such a diverse ride, but Monk was insistent. Fun/hard day...

Diane and are experimenting with down draft with a rear spoiler. 

I'd smile but my face is too cold.

mandatory blog self shot- Monk's getting fined for that vest. The Director is strict about uniform violations.
Sunday I had a lot of studying to get to, so I slipped out with the early group, which ended up being a HUGE group and a really fun ride... Maybe the greatest ride ever, cause Peaches was there...

heading up Redd park. I think this is a pee break

see Peaches was there...

chasing Dennis and Todd... 2013 or 2003

Alan the Cleaner and Todd

Self Blog Picture

Fort James, Travis and Kid-Chris ( I told you HUGE Group)
Kurtee Shows of His Companies New Bicycle Specific Lube: SLICK LUBE get it now...


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