Sunday, January 20, 2013

the swarm

Dear Reader,

One of the things I "enjoy" about this time of year is long road rides. It always feels like we take off and meet up with more riders along the route, the swarm of riders grows and grows until eventually everyone starts heading back in their own direction and it's just a small group again...

4 friends left my house at 8:20 Saturday morning. (me, kid Chris, JHIII, and Jake)(4 riders)

We rolled towards the park on Papermill road.  We were running late, as my mind was fixated on the time it takes me to ride to Papermill park when I am not 180lbs, and in shape. My mistake.

I'll comment here that 180lbs is harder to push up hill than 170lbs. Brilliant I know.

At the park, our group of 4 met up with 5 more from our group (Trav, Dennisbike, Ipaul, Lisa, Cleary)
as well as the Team DE ride, which 3-4 would join us heading up to meet the Willowdale ride, and the others split off... (18 riders total)

Cresting North Star, the Team DE group peeled off and headed for Landenberg. (10 riders in our group Rich, and Hendrickson included)

At the base of Mt. Cuba, we met the Willowdale group. Usually 30+ riders, today maybe 15, as our group instantly doubled the size of the overall  group. (30 riders or so)

At the base of Bancroft, we picked up the Team De group again with some other riders as well. The swarm had become it's biggest  (Eric,  Doyle, Blair, Brandon R, Chris E- on a mtb no less and a bunch more I couldn't  ID in my oxygen debted state) (Almost 40 riders)

This is where the group was it's largest, and it was fun be pulled along in such a big group. Really fun stuff. Not to mention getting to BS with Bob Ruether is always rad too.

Just past the Loch Nair Golf Course, our group pulled off of the Willowdale ride before it kicks into high gear, and we rode across Woodview Roubaix  9 riders in our group. (Me, Kid Chris,Jake, JHIII, Dennisbike, Lisa, Ipaul, and Cleary) (9 riders)

At 841 and Old Baltimore Pike, three more peeled off as Ipaul , Lisa and Cleary headed back through Landenberg... (6 riders)

6 of us rode together for the final 3 hills, that trust me I was counting down, and saved the best for last as I crawled up my final hill at 6 mph, 180 hr, and all out of gears. Getting off to walk was a serious consideration.

At Sticklersville, KidChris, Travis and Dennisbike peeled off and headed for home. Jake, JHIII and I rolled down Lewisville and mercifully made it back to my place. (3 riders)

It was a tough day, and I proceeded to take a really long, hot shower tying to bounce back a bit, and accomplish the afternoon's goals. Monkey was out riding with Blake, so despite my hopes of this being a 2 rider shower, it was alas not to be this day.  (1 rider)

fun days.

thanks for reading.


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