Friday, January 4, 2013


This is our guest room bed. 

I have always found this bed to be comfortable, and when I needed to sleep in this room, it was usually a non issue.

This week  bed has become known as the hole.

While the bed is soft, and I used to find it very comfortable, it appears that a hole has some how formed in the middle of it.

When I get sick, I get exiled to the guest room. Usually not that big of a deal. This week, I have battled the hole all week. I would wake up in feverish fits , sure I was about to fall in the the belly of the Sarlacc Pit, and be digested for a thousand  years.

But then I would look, and the bed would appear perfectly flat. As soon as I would shut my eyes, it was once again as if I was hanging on to the Edge trying not to fall into the giant gaping hole. All the while sweet Layla was happy to sleep right in the dead center of the hole…

Each morning, I swear I needed a rope ladder to climb my way out of that bad boy, but as soon as I turned back around, it appeared flat again…

 I’m getting dizzy from the fevers…