Friday, February 24, 2012

This town has had enough riders that are the real deal, that most of us stayed humble. Hell, even when one of us underlings scored a great ride, we could look over and see our friends that we chased around during the week, doing seemingly impossible things. Getting to chase those truly great riders around made all of us better, but it also kept us humble and taught us respect. So now years later, some of us have kids, hell, stopped taking ourselves so seriously, changed priorities, but we still love to ride. We might not have the edge we once did, but we treat each other with respect. These are guys who I might not ride with but two or three times a year now, but I know I can jump on their wheel, and it’s going to be a good wheel. Conversely, I know that even if they haven’t been riding as much as me, I can throw the kitchen sink at them, and they aren’t letting me go anywhere. Really, I feel badly for someone who didn’t have that kind of community to learn to ride in. Without that history, that brotherhood and sisterhood, that respect, you really miss out on a lot. I’m pretty sure without that respect, that community, I would have taken up lawn darts a long time ago.

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oliver said...

Miss y'all.

If you ever take up the sport, I've got a set broken-in.