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He's ok if he's not the fastest on the block, but that doesn't lead him to treat cycling like an adult kickball league as so many do. Cycling is important. It's ok to train for it. It's ok to want to be faster, because that's actually more fun than sucking completely. At the same time, being fast doesn't make you better than anyone else, and he knows that, too.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

photo blog... (I'm too lazy to do the tumblr thing)

Monkey and I did the world famous Queen B loop this weekend...

cheesy couple photo- we were both pretty bonked at this point in the ride.

this Amish dude was running from a bonfire that we past. Never seen  an Amish dude run.

Bob and daughter joined us at the gym...

the gang was all there...

Buddy  Dennisbike and I rode over to meet up with Todd and Alan. It was amazing to see Todd on a bike again. Talk about fucking inspiring. BTW he was dropping me on the descents...

I've developed a strava addiction... The KOM stuff is nice, but

I really love being able to see how I fared against myself on the same sections of a ride.  Thirteen seconds slower and 10 beats higher out.  Ouchy. If I was racing this year, I'd have some work to do. Of course if I was racing this year,  I'd never publish this stuff. Secret Squirrel Racer Code.
(too lazy to do a tumblr)

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JenBob said...

great. when my daughter grows up to be a climbing junkie living out of her boyfriends van somewhere in the desert, I'll know who to blame.