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Sunday, February 19, 2012

photo blog... (I'm too lazy to do the tumblr thing)

Monkey and I did the world famous Queen B loop this weekend...

cheesy couple photo- we were both pretty bonked at this point in the ride.

this Amish dude was running from a bonfire that we past. Never seen  an Amish dude run.

Bob and daughter joined us at the gym...

the gang was all there...

Buddy  Dennisbike and I rode over to meet up with Todd and Alan. It was amazing to see Todd on a bike again. Talk about fucking inspiring. BTW he was dropping me on the descents...

I've developed a strava addiction... The KOM stuff is nice, but

I really love being able to see how I fared against myself on the same sections of a ride.  Thirteen seconds slower and 10 beats higher out.  Ouchy. If I was racing this year, I'd have some work to do. Of course if I was racing this year,  I'd never publish this stuff. Secret Squirrel Racer Code.
(too lazy to do a tumblr)

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JenBob said...

great. when my daughter grows up to be a climbing junkie living out of her boyfriends van somewhere in the desert, I'll know who to blame.