Friday, February 3, 2012

monkey is so damn G.

A message flew through the local community about night riding and that there had been some complaints recently. The note followed up saying there may be additional police patrols as a result of the complaints. In our area, the parks are all 8am to dusk. Night riding in the state parks, which are patrolled is a big no no, the county parks are less monitored and so well... Anyway, aside from a group of riders (which I have been on) stumbling upon a county officer enjoying his coffee and donut in a county park lot, or trail head, well again you can see where I'm going...

but I digress.

I get a call from Monk today.

"where do you want to ride tonight?" she says.
"I don't care, what are you thinking? I respond, thinking we were going to ride one of the local county parks.

Monkey continues, "I hear the heat is on. We might want to ride around town tonight, stay out of the woods you know until things cool off a bit."

hmm. I wasn't aware my wife had become Bugsy Malone, but if the heat was on, maybe I should listen to her...

I said, "I'll trust your judgment on this one, an urban ride it will be, don't want to get caught by the heat, I certainty don't want to go to jail in a care bear skin suit."

monkey is so damn g.


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