Saturday, March 31, 2012

White Clay Creek Preserve, PA

Dear Fatmarc Readers,

Those of us how have been riding in the area for 20+ years probably spent sometime riding some of the fun single track trails in the White Clay Preserve in Pennsylvania. I have fond memories of riding what at that time was called the tree trail and looping around Landenberg, PA. Then they were closed. Made Illegal.

We lost access to those trails, many years ago.

In recent years, the Trail Spinners have seen some movement and the possibility of getting access to trails in the White Clay Preserve. Well, it would appear that some shady business may have gone down regarding the board that advises decisions regarding the White Clay Perserve Access. What was at one point a board represented by a number of different user groups, it would appear that now it's been disbanded and reformed with board members who are all anti-multi-use trails, and anti-bike.

The Trail Spinners are arguing that in due process has not been followed, and has moved to have the new board ruled not recognized.

So here's what we are asking :

If you can please attend the meeting Monday Night @ 7:30 at the friends meeting house 300 London Tract Rd. This will be a pivotal meeting determining board that advises the white clay creek preserve on policy. The goal is to make sure that the board accurately reflects user groups.

Look, I'm not opposed to keeping an area from becoming a "destination" to ride.
Anyway, I promise no more politics on this blog.



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