Tuesday, March 27, 2012

choosing your hills

Got my first test back. It was a solid score I was pleased with it. On one problem I saw I lost a point for with a notation that said "formula". This despite me having written  TT=TR-TC... I asked the professor about it. He stated he was looking to see us put the values into the formula. It's all about building on skills.

Now, clearly I didn't agree. I had the formula written right there, and I had the right answer. BUT, this professor is awesome. And while he is not a bad looking man, I wouldn't rate him as HOT PROFESSOR on ratemyprofessor.com, I would and will rate him very highly as a teacher.  He does a great job breaking down the material, is patient and helps everyone understand that it all builds on each other. Not only that, he's put up with my multiple email questions, and me pulling him aside at break. Fuck, it's a point, in the scheme of things, small cookies. Not the hill, I want to die on.

At the break, I see one of my peers, who I believe is much more math skilled than I, and much closer to finishing her program must have had a similar remark on her paper. She however, decided to take a different tact rolling with the, "you know I could have done the entire thing in my head!? I only wrote down anything for grading purposes!" Perhaps she was not displaying grace in times of friction. OUCH.

At the end of class, the Professor, who again I think is totally awesome said the he had a number of folks ask him about the scoring of that problem, and that he would give back any points taken if a formula was written.Bonus! He continued the goal is to make sure that we are building on what we learn, and his goal was to make sure we understood and demonstrated how we got the correct answer.

While I was happy to take back a point, I also gotta say, that point would be worth it. This guy is good.

got write a paper or two this week. game on.


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Jill said...

I spit out my coffee at the ratemyprofessor.com remark. I once worked for someone who got the 4 or 5 pepper rating, so it was an occassional topic of conversation in the department office. Ha. It's more fun than people might expect, being the "seasoned" student in the class.

-Jill (who has historically compared writing her philosophy papers to running marathons)