Wednesday, May 2, 2012


About 100 years ago, when I was in college when you wanted to get your grade on an assignment or a test, you had to wait for the professor to pass it back to you or, perhaps go to the department office, look for your score posted to a bulletin board somewhere. Generally speaking, you didn’t expect those grades quickly, and at the end of the semester, I usually just waited to see what the final grade was as it came in the mail. It was generally a C.

Fast Forward
In my new school experience, everything is on line.  Simply logging into school website I can plug into my grade up to the moment. This is pretty cool. I liked being able to see my grade, and play with the calculations to see what was left, and how I could improve my overall score. Totally geeky, but I doubt any longtime readers are surprised at all…

My professor to his credit had our first exams graded and posted before I could drive home from class the night we took them. This created an unrealistic expectation and desire for instant feedback. Now since that first exam, the professor has continued to post scores timely, but not immediately. Despite this fact  I have been unable to stop checking for a grade update, you know  two to three times a day this entire block. I’m like a test animal pressing a button to receive a snack. I can’t help myself.   I am a victim of classical conditioning.

My first class just wrapped up, and while I have done well, I have a few papers that I’m waiting to get the grade on. I’m not saying class just wrapped up last night, and I’ve checked for my grade 4 times today, but… Okay, that’s exactly what I’m saying….

I am predictably lame.



Unknown said...

Isn't this sort of like checking the Weather Channel during 'cross season?

Chris Mayhew said...

MB said...

So what is saying is YOUR the reason the cross results predictor crashed the server when it was just a wee lad of a program?

CC @resultsboy

Jim said...

So what does it do if you get a good result in this class? Does it earn you a callup in Statistics or something?

gewilli said...

Colin/crossresults has created monsters of expectation across the country!