Monday, September 28, 2009

043: pictures and words

This vision of beauty graced Nystrom and my lives as we drove home with our wives Sunday.

But one set of testicles are not enough. What I failed to capture in this picture were the big brass nuts hanging off the bumper. God Bless Maryland...

Firing out the gates in pursuit of the leaders...
Houston, I think we have a problem, all matches have been burned:
Why does Jan look so much happier than me, Despite what it looks like he did NOT pull me across the line, although I would have liked it if he did.
a pile of me:
Saturday someone was cheering for me "Fatmarc, you aren't that fat!" To which I counter with this picture:
some guys go for six pack abs. I say why stop at a six pack, go for the whole case, and some pudding too. Like 40 pounds of pudding in a 20 pound sack...

my little boo boo.
thankfully is was nothing, and structurally everything is cool. I'll be back at it this weekend.

Thanks to Anthony ( and Bruce Buckley for images.

"when you're up it's along way down, when your down, it's a long way up"


lifein360 said...

If that is what you call fat, then I should just give up this sport all together. I must look like a Biggest Loser contestant on my bike. Eeek.

James said...

Was thinking of getting a pair of truck nuts for the minivan. Wonder where truck nuts are manufactured (American made I hope)?
Btw, thanks for running the Lil' Belgian race at Charm City. We look forward to that race every year.

bethbikes said...

You are looking pretty svelt, if you ask me. Those new skinsuits are HOT! Black is very slimming.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a mangina there on your leg.

Judi said...

that tiny roll is fat? you must have an eating dosorder. you sure you aren't puking up your food?