Sunday, September 27, 2009

042: I still love you Lily...

second week of racing action in the Mid Altantic.

Whirly Bird:

Race started fast. I essentially tried to bridge to the leaders in the first 2 laps. Failed miserably. Chasers made me pay for my audacity in the middle two. Jan rode up to me with 2 to go. I think I gave him a chance to recover a bit before he went after the next group. He came shy of catching them, but sat up enough for me to finish right next to him. Disco used some savvy to secure 9th. I was the meat on a Jan/fatmarc/Disco C3 sandwich. I don't get single digits next to my name all that often, so that was pretty cool...

Props to Chris Samuels for the win Saturday. A fine effort.

Tip of the hat to Guys for an outstanding race. I was happy to be apart of an event to support the memory of passed DCCoDer and Guy's racer Joe Manning. Viva la Joe.

Ed Sanders Memorial (Lily Pons)

Oh Lily, why have you turned on me? Just 3 weeks ago while making a groomsman speech in my dear friend's wedding, I referenced you. I met said good friend with you Lily (Wes), and my coach who is another good friend (Mayhew) too. Lily, baby it was you that made me fall in love with cross again. I thought I was done with Cross, and you Lily, you Lily brought me back in...

Lily I had my first podiums with you, and today well, well you kicked me in the nuts, or at least the knee...

Was it because I cheated on you with that Hillybilly last year? why Lily? why have you broken my heart?

Truth be told, Lily can be a vengeful partner. Perhaps she could see it in my eyes. I was shattered from running around with the Whirly girl. No cologne could cover up the stripper smell. I had flirted with others, but Lily it was always you.

I told Diane, Sunday morning that I planned on bagging Lily Ponds. When I explained to Diane my plan, and that I'd pick up a race on our off weekend. She responded that I better get my ass in gear and get to the race, because i wasn't spoiling our off weekend.

Once at the race I did a lap with my Michelins. I was going to take them off because I thought they would be overkill for the open sections. Monkey advised against. If you didn't know, Diane is like a tire savant. I ignored her advice, and threw my griffos back on the bike.

I think Lily and Diane talk sometimes...

Race starts, I move up from the second row to 4th place. Second corner or so of the race, the 180 into the barriers, I lose the front wheel and before I know it I am on the ground. There are 70 or so flying masters men coming my way so I tuck up, thinking for sure I'm about to get run over 100x. Then I realize my knee is throbbing and I have a wave a nausea come over me. Gwadzilla and Wes came out to check on me. I had thoughts of jumping back into the frey, Gwadzilla talked me down. 2 hours of driving for less than 2 minutes of racing. Sweet. Lily's brothers offered me a spot in the 123, I passed... Lily didn't want me today...

Lily is a that crazy hot girlfriend that you know is bad for you, but you just can't quit. I promise Lily, I'll be back. I still love you. I won't give up on us. I'll be back Ms. Lily Pons. Only 364 days, I'll be back...

thanks to Wes, Gwadzilla, Nystrom's PT neighbor, CZ and even Ken for making sure I was okay...

Thanks to my fellow masters who didn't run over me.

Lily, I just can't quit you.



dennisbike said...

Sorry for your knee. Ya OK? Lets assume that you are and there is nothing 'too' lasting.... So, where is the picture of the wound or the crash for that matter. If I had bothered to show up (lame me)I would have taken a picture of the wound at least.

Soupie! said...

Pictures of lily, make my life so wonderful. Pictures of lily help me sleep at night.

Chris said...

bummer man. You hit the deck hard and I had to take evasive action to avoid running over you or your bike. You had started really well. It would have been nice having you up in that group.

p.s. I was really expecting to see a photo of those redneck truck blue balls on the blog.

Miss. Bea Havin said...

this was laugh at loud one, especially, "Diane is a tire savant".... in my mind it was said with a sling blade mmmHHHHmmm after it.

Glad you aren't seriously hurt.


megA said...

It seems our mind/body connection continues this season too. I'm sorry. It was probably my fault you went down--it wasn't around 2:10 p.m. when you went down, was it?


theuffda said...

Lily is a bi*ch.

Jim said...

Lilly f***ed my foot/ankle two years ago when she destroyed my tire and made me run 1/2 mile to the pits, where you gave me a fresh one and the refs pulled me immediately thereafter - still sitting in 30th or 32nd - assuming I had been lapped. The ensuing ankle problems effectively ended my season.

Yeah, I love Lilly but she don't love me back. Thanks for the cheers BTW.

gwadzilla said...

yes... it is amazing that you were not the lyrics of a Jimi Hendrix tune

"tire tracks all across your back..."

it would have been an exciting thing to watch you chase back to the group
it looked like you needed to regroup before you got back on the bike

the season has just begun
no reason to expend it all in one day of racing

see you at the races!

gwadzilla said...


I like your new BANNER image!

The Three Musketeers of C3!