Sunday, March 5, 2006

have I mentioned that I was a liberal arts major ?

All cyclists must own at least one peice of yellow cycling clothing. It's a rule, really it's in the handbook. If you are in violation you better rush out to your LBS now and be compliant.

So I wake up early Saturday morning. I figure I want to knock out some of my chores before the ride. One of which was change the water filter. Now usually this is a two man job. I pull it apart; Diane cleans the container, I change the filter and put it back together. Diane was sound asleep a figure, I'll go solo. So I pull the filter apart. Open the window, empty the extra water out into the yard, clean up the container, stick in a new filter, and put it back together.
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SwiftyPA5 said...

Solid yellow or yellow as a primary color of a multicolored jersey?