Friday, April 25, 2014

Bees Knees

Dear Readers,

As many long time fatmarc readers know, Diane (my better half and favorite riding partner) has been battling with knee issues for almost a year now. This of course after 2 years of not having knee issues, and having bad issues for the year before that... It has been a long road and a 5 years from a knee injury standpoint.

Diane started riding again a couple of weeks ago. The rides have been very slow, and very measured. She started with a 20 minute ride, and has slowly built up to 50 minutes. All of these rides have been flat, on the road and again very measured. While the initial feedback here has been positive, Diane says that the knee just feels very weak.  Again, she is smartly taking this very slowly...

Diane's first couple of rides she only relied upon a stop watch to track her time. Last week she broke out the Garmin.  This morning, I got this phone call.

Me: "Thanks for calling the Clog Factory this Marc speaking how can I help you?"

Diane: "I'm gonna have to stop riding with the GPS, or at least keep it in my jersey pocket."

Me:"Pardon me?"

Diane: "I just can't help myself. I know how fast I have been going, and I look down and I think, I can go just a little faster, even when I shouldn't I feel myself pushing just a little..."

Me: "Well, what did you think of the new SRAM GPS holder I put on your bike."

Diane: "Hate it. I mean it's right there, so easy to see. I find myself checking it too much.. I look at the speed and I think I can push a little more..."

Me: "Well what if we changed the screen so it just showed time?"

Diane: "wouldn't help, I'd change it to a screen with the speed and distance. I just can't help myself. I see that data, and I push... I think I'm just gonna keep it in my pocket. I mean, I think I could have made an hour last night, but I kept pushing and going faster [she averaged 12 last night for the first time since the injury] and I was afraid that I might have already done too much. Yup, it's gotta go in my pocket."

Me: "if that's what you think is best. This is going to be a slow process, you are already doing better than I thought you would..."

Diane:"yup, going in the pocket, can't help myself one bit. thanks for talking me through this..."

Me: "no problem.."

Diane: " Love you, gotta run"

It's going to be a long slow road. Diane's knee is very weak. There is still some weird swelling. That is still very frustrating.We expect some set backs, but I know how excited Monk has been to ride at all, and how excited I am to be riding with her again. That said the Vanderbacons are not known for our patience. We are also known for pushing ourselves even when maybe we shouldn't. We are working on it.

thanks for reading.



Madeline West said...

Keep being smart!! You know it will pay off. And if you need a change of scenery come down here and I'll happily ride with you, gosh, I know a bunch who will happily ride with you, to the coffeeshop and back and we'll have a great time doing it while keeping your knee and spirits safe and sound. Love you guys!!

Oliver said...

Data's a cold-hearted beeyotch.

1speed said...

I totally get her mindset with that! For me, the addiction isn't the current speed but the total miles in an hour (probably the endurance mindset -- speed at a given moment is less important than overall average in an hour or two hours or more.) But no matter how you're feeling, you look down and see that number just enticing you to go that little bit further before the time ticks over to the next hour. I admire her self-awareness that she can't leave it on the bike! That's just plain smart! Has she done the whole MRI thing? I had a bone bruise a few years ago that made my knee feel weak but luckily that was all it was. If that's what it is, it's purely a function of time for it to heal. If it's somethign else, she may have other medical options to fix it. At any rate, hope she feels better soon!