Monday, May 6, 2013

A Week Full Of Awesome

Dear Reader,

My apologies for lack of updates last week. It was a heck of a week that included a final exam, a birthday trip to Philly/sitting in parking lot on I-95, and a Civic Association meeting we didn't know existed  about a drainage pond that we apparently own 1/20th of but again didn't know existed. Let's just say that was full of awesome.

Let's just say neither Monk or I got the riding in we wanted to, but it was a whirlwind week that ended up with us at the Piscatello Law Great Valley Criterium.

Monkey's Race:
cass and monk
First few laps seem to stay together, everyone is working well. There is a kid in the field who decided she didn't want to ride with the women anymore. She starts attacking and the field is strung out. With 11 to go,  the field comes by totally strung out, and Monkey and a couple of other women have been popped.

I have to admit at this point, I thought it was going to be a long day.

But, then something amazing and awesome happened. The kid got clear, and the pack mellowed out a bit. Monkey had bit her lip, tucked into the drops and chased her ass off. As they came back through the start finish she bridged back to the the group. It was awesome. Monk visibly was bleeding out the eyes, but with 9 to go, she was back in the pack. This is going into the last lap:

The rest of the race was pretty smooth as the group worked together and came to the line for the sprint. She was pleased with ride, learned a lot, and continues to learn...  I was super proud of Monk. She was tough as nails, and to battle back in was freakin' awesome.

My Race:
Super fun, tons of juniors in the cat three field, which was actually kind of nice. I will admit junior smack talk is still developing, and while they can rip my legs off, they need some smack intervals. One nice kid yelled when folks weren't pulling through "if you are scared of the wind get out of the race." You can do better buddy, you can do better.
Where's Fatmarc? look for the Awesome Pro Feet...

Anyway, I wanted to be patient, but then went on a move, resulting in me missing the move I should have gone with. Once I was left with the group to sprint, well I balled that up too. Came around the last corner too hot, got bumped out of the draft, and started my sprint way too early, and essentially let everyone pass me on the line. It was fun, legs were tired from my Saturday ride, and I rode stupidly, but other than that it was really fun. Looking forward to the next one...

Monkey and I finished off the morning with a nice breakfast at the sidebar. I had an artichoke omelet, and an Allagash White, Monk went with jalapeno and steak omelet and a glass of orange juice.

anyway, thanks for reading.

let's hope this week is actually filled with the good kind of awesome.


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Kita said...

Love the new header image of you two! Glad you guys had a great weekend. :D