Sunday, March 24, 2013

6 hours of Rosaryville

Dear Reader,

This has been a tough winter. While in years past it may have been colder, or more snowy, this year has seemed to be extended, particularly gray, and windy. Mentally brutal. The last couple of years the Mid Atlantic has been blessed with mild weather, and a pretty quick warm up in the spring. We paid the  piper this year.

Three weeks ago, I decided I needed a carrot. I don't like to usually race in March, but it was miserable outside, and frankly after my lowest volume of riding in 8 years in February (yes, I have that tracked), I needed a goal to keep me honest.

Buddy the Leg Breaker and I signed up for the 6 hours of Rosaryville as a masters team. The race sold out right after we registered. In at the line.

Friday night our friend Travis sent us this text: "Give 'em Hell tomorrow boys!" To which Buddy responded, "it's March, I don't have too much hell to give, but I'll give 'em heck!" I agreed, "yeah, my hell is not great, but I might manage Heck:" Travis sent back, "your two's heck, is going to be hell for someone else."

So we showed up, pitted with My C3:Twenty 20 Cycling Company teammates Jen and Melissa, as well as Eric and Mayhew from JBV coaching.  We had great group of folks to compound with.

Here's how the race went:

I get a good start, 1 dude goes up the trail, but sit in a nice group with Mayhew, and skinny kid doing a trio. I'm riding a bit over my fitness head, but we have a gap and a good group. I finish the first lap 3rd overall. I'm stoked. Buddy goes out throws down a killer lap himself. In typical Fatmarc and Buddy the legbreaker style, we may have started a little fast. We both have some cramping, and put up solid second laps, and in the final round I manage my lap, by staying focused on turning 5 minute miles. It works and Buddy heads out with the same strategy. While we have lead most of the day, 3 teams have been nipping at our heals the entire race. During Buddy's last lap Haymarket's Scott passed Buddy and takes the lead. Buddy notices the number, and stays cool like fonzie.

 As Buddy and Scott come out of the woods together. Buddy is stalking. Buddy throws down one last attack with 300 meters to the line. Buddy the leg breaker on his original Canadian Spot Brand Single Speed slips by, and wins the day for us by just 7 seconds. Buddy the Leg Breaker Indeed !
First time for me walking away from an EX2 event with the #1 Pint Glass. Finally my collection is complete. (Have 2,3,5)

No BS here, neither Buddy nor I expected this. On the way down we were pretty clear the objectives were to get some good hard riding in, it's freaking march. We were going to be pretty pleased making the top 10 of 21 teams. It was good day in March for sure.

At the end of the day, our compound had a pretty awesome day. All three teams ended up on the top step of the box on this day. Well done Jen and Melissa, Well Done Eric and Mayhew.
Jen and Melissa top Step!

Eric and Mayhew know the podium rules!
 March racing is just silly, I am totally destroyed today, but damn that was a good day...

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Congrats! March racing IS silly. Wasn't I just finishing CX season two months ago???