Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two Time Trials

I pulled into the parking lot near the start of the Deep Blue Time Trial, in the shadow of the Salem Nuclear Plant, to find Gurski and Auer chatting. Gurski noticed me, smiled a Cheshire grin from ear to ear and gave me a two  finger salute. I am a Gurski fan.  Auer, Gurski and I talked about dogs and bike racing.
My TT bike and Auer's TT bike

A little over a week ago, Auer gave me the call. In his best Mr. T voice, he said, "Hey Man, you and I, we are going to do the two man TT in a couple of weeks." I protested, "but I haven't really done a TT in a while man, I've not been.." He cut me off, "How about this sucka! we're gonna go out and do a tt and have some fun. Now what do you say  we gonna get down with our own bad-selves?"

We'll shit, how could I pass. Our next discussion was what skin-suit to wear, he wanted to do storm-troopers which I said at this point would be the same as ghost busters, because if I put on a white skin-suit, I'm gonna look like the Stay Puft Marshmellow man. Not a great look for me.

Evil Care Bear it was.

ITT was first. I had a good ride. Felt good, rode well, got close to my :30 man, only to have him pull away a bit at the end. Wind was weird, but fun. Not really sure how I did. By my clock it was a 24:50ish; the scorers had me at 25:38, and strava had me at 26 for the course, although the segment may not be correct, or it's picking up time I'm standing in line... I don't think I was the only who thought their time was off, but in the end I was happy with my ride. . Something was clearly a little weird here.

TTT this was harder. A storm was blowing in, and the winds picked up. Auer is also a much better TT rider than I am. I was supposed to lead off, but of course missed my pedal. We settled into a good pace and, had we had good ride. We got caught by our minute men just after the turn around. We surged back, but I started to crack a little. Auer let off the gas and we were working together again... I took the final pull and we cross the line. Neither of us felt like our TTT was faster than our ITT, but of course the timers had us a 25:22, which was in line with GPS. Again, another good effort, and I admit in my best Mr. T voice that was fun, in a sick sad way...

Okay, a race report about 2 time trials. I tried my best to make it interesting, because TT's aren't really all that interesting. thanks for reading.

The Mr. T soundboard it totally work 10 minutes of your life...


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