Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another one in the books...

I had an exam tonight.
It was an at home, electronic, timed test.
I thought I might be more relaxed taking this one.
After the case study fiasco earlier this week, I was feeling some stress for sure.
I'm guessing having a clock on the screen counting down the time I had left didn't help my anxiety.

Scored a solid result, sweat through two more t-shirts.

slipped out for a ride afterwards, just to find some normalcy. whatever that means. Road bike feels kinda magical lately...

2 more exams in this block.

This is my favorite thing about strava is this:
Okay, my consistency hasn't been so hot lately. I'll try to do better...

best to you.

vanderbacon, fatmarc

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d.lowe said...

keep on kickin ass, Cheers! d.