Sunday, April 8, 2012

The International Relay-

Profit= total revenue- total cost.
 The Most Important Unimportant Race All Year. I'll say it, it's probably my favorite race all year long. I have to be honest, I didn't think I'd get to race it this year with school and all. A couple of weeks ago I bumped into my teammate Pricey out on the trail, and he told me that his team needed at fourth. "I'll be your Huckleberry" I said to him quickly. So stoked. Racing is always awesome, and it's great to see folks, and I won't lie I get pumped riding through the camp areas, and everyone is cheering... It's freaking rad. I had a nice battle with Lebair on lap 3. He caught me at the end of the first climb. It took everything in my power to hang with him from the rest of the lap, and then I used old man trickery and deception to slip in front of him at the line. That was fun, thanks for not just destroying me Craig.  Okay, time to photo blog:

teamates on DarthAuer's Evil Care Bear Army: Pricey, Branchow...

breyla-la, Auer and the Evil Care Bear Army's Captain Jake.
Okay the Auer's Evil Care Bear Army didn't do too well by the points...
But we put down some good laps... 
Monkey was teamed with Jenn , Nick an Bob seen here with Wooden Wheel's Tricia.
wonder if the director will fine himself at the end of the month for this obvious uniform violation.
Dan McDermott flying...

My number is 867-5309 maybe we can go see a movie sometime?
What's my Strava Score for that last  lap?
Shawnee hanging it all out at the end of the day...
Team Tall, Dark, Handsome  crosses the line together. 13 laps. Well  Done.

recovery ride sunday:

pictures taken from Jenn Sears and Sandy Reyonlds and my own awful photo stylings.


Jill said...

Heehee. Now I'm singing that song to myself. :)

Keystone Velo Racing said...

I had the pleasure of trying to hang on Auers wheel for a lap and just thought he forgot to change. He should be made to start 2 minutes back at the next CX race.