Monday, April 23, 2012

A Good Day...

As long time readers of this blog may ready know I come from a wrestling family. My Parents, spent the better part of 25 years chasing my brothers and I around gyms, getting us to practices and allowing my brothers and I to be successful. My parents became very active in the wrestling community and although  none of us have wrestled in many years, they remain active in the community.

Last Friday my parents were honored at the Delaware Wrestling Hall of Fame for their service over the years. They received a Spirit of Service Award. My Parents didn't know they were getting an award, and certainly didn't know that my brothers and I would all be their to join them for the evening. I gotta say it was a pretty wonderful night. I am super proud.

my favorite parts of this is the first 45 seconds or so...

video can be found here.

As my Father says, "get involved, and have fun."

I'm about to get involved in some homework and try to have some fun.



Jill said...

Clearly, the apples don't fall far from their trees. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

MB said...

OMG your parents are adorable! I love that your mom cursed and your dad is a trash picker. Both activities warm my heart. Seriously, what an amazing example they have set for y'all--I hope you are as proud of them as they are of you.