Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The University gave me everything I needed tonight...

A view of the center of the universe:
stairs to run:

sand pits to play in:

that was fun...


Monday, December 26, 2011

Blogdom Wasteland

I love blogs.
Outstanding crew for the Elk Neck Ride today...

I love to read the stories of other cyclists, struggles and racing and rocking out.
I love reading about cyclocross racers, and how they make their way through their seasons.
Heather climbs to the look out...
Monkey Climbs to the look out...
Blake climbs up to the look out...
Travis looks out the look out...

I generally find blogs are slowest this time of year. One of three things is happening:

1. bloggers/riders just finished cross and are done: "It's been a great/awful season I'm enjoying riding longer than an hour, and enjoying a normal life again."

2. blogger/riders taking a break: "I'm enjoying the holidays, just ate 10,000 calories today... I'm going to have another beer."

3. Blogger/riders logging long base mile: "I rode for 5 hours today, it was really fucking cold, but it will pay off later."

like I said, hard times for blog readers...

In the meantime, I'm riding my bike with friends, and playing with my cross bikes and waiting for better blog reading... And giving my best trying to write better stuff myself... More interesting blogging... Not just the one of the three above...
Elk Neck seems like a glowing beacon for me every winter...

thanks for suffering through with me.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

never get tired of watching richie jackson skate



Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey Now, can you lend me a hand?

My buddy Oliver is working to get a Montessori Charter School Set up here in Delaware.
There website is here.

Please check it out, and if you live in or around Delaware  and think this would be a good idea, think your kids or other Delaware children could benefit  send a note here saying so. Maybe a line or two saying you think this is a good idea...

Very few times in as long as I written this silly blog have I pointed to a cause outside of blogdomn.
 I hope that tells you how much I respect you the reader, and how much I respect Oliver and what he's bringing to the table.

Support emails need to be collected by noon on 12/20/2011.

thanks for taking a look.

Rode my mountainbike with a great group of guys last weekend. My mind is still cross focused, and my timing on the bike was off. I am not smooth on the mtb right now. But it was fun, it will come.

check out Oliver's site...

thanks man.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Promoter Legs

Promoter Legs. If you have ever promoted a race and tried to race your own event, you know what I'm talking about. Cross races don't happen by magic. They are put on by people who love the sport and who want to give back... People that love cross, often love racing cross. This is when things get crazy. When you promote, and then you want to race your own race! I have to admit my best MAC race, and frankly one of my best races ever was an 11th place in a muddy Granogue a couple of years back.  But I've also felt the other side of the sword...
Geler Votre Cul Race Director L-Web getting it done...

As much as I hoped for the good promoter legs this weekend, it didn't happen. Sadly, what was the last weekend of the Mid Atlantic Season, might gave been my worst legs of the season.

Fairhill: Geler Voltre Cul (Freeze Your ASS off Cross)...

I lined up on the grid, and was surprised to see Birner next to me. Good on him. I love to race the dude, because I think our strengths are generally complete opposites, which makes for some good racing.
Birner's massive elbow couldn't hold me back in this corner...
 The kind of racing I used to have with J.Dunn back in the B's... But I digresss, I got a good start sitting in pretty good. Legs felt empty and even a little crampy. Weird.  Two and a half laps in, I was actually sitting in a pretty good spot, in a group with Johan, Birner, Alex, Shirmer, Kruger, Hennessy and that ex-wrestler, world champ Wetzel Guy. I'm guessing we were 15thish... I moved to the front, smashed a stake and lost the group. Despite not losing that much time, I tired to get back to the group, and it just wasn't happening... Auer came back to me, and I said to him, "promoter legs ?"

He nodded his head. I suggested that we ride it in together. The course was so freakin' fun; why waste a good day to ride? He agreed.  We were soon joined by Benny da Jewlar, and we rode in the final laps... Silly Bike Racing, sometimes it means everything, sometime well, friends riding bikes together is much more important.

I was really proud of Diane who with Benny da Jewlars help, laid out the course for the weekend. Diane spent a lot time rolling the loop, and had a clear vision in her mind of how the course would flow. Tom, course maestro of Granogue, took great pleasure in watching her move stakes, and set out the course. He would chuckle as Diane would work a corner, and restake a section. Ben was critical in making sections extra techy and worked hard to help the loop come together. Good on Monkey, and Good on Ben... IMHO the course was rad. One of my all time favorites...

Limestone at the Kiln: MAC FINAL Race...

Despite walking around the house with knee high compression socks, drinking as much water as I could hold and getting to bed early. I woke up with really hurting legs. Hampstrings felt Hamstrung. Calves ached when I walked. I wasn't happy.

So I lined up on the second row. Got a good start. Fell off the lead group a bit on the second lap. Third Lap feeling pretty good, cornering hard. Dave Lowe cheers for me to corner hard. I lay it down hard. Totally bent my derailer hanger, bike sounded awful. The group I was riding in gets clear of me. I pass the pit despite the horrible noise my bike is making... This was a mistake... I realize it, bikes not shifting, I kinda realize that my drive train is about to blow up. I make it back to the pit, get my pit bike.. and I'm off... Spend the rest of the race chasing Dan Rapp. I tried my damnest, would close the gap, but never quite made it back to him... Rolled in with my best mac finish (on paper) of the year.... You know, with my legs feeling like they did, I'm not gonna complain one bit...

Three final thoughts on this race:
1. Barriers were about 13 inches high or so. I was able to bunny hop them every lap... felt so pro...

2. Yozell did an amazing job laying out a course that was 22ft wide the entire lap, but was really technically challenging,,, really fun course.. Thanks man. Such a blast...
3. The crowd on the back woods section went nuts when you went through. thanks for making an old midpack fatdude feel pro (2x in a race).
4. The best image of the weekend for me was Jimmy Rock and Anne Rock finishing the race together as Jimmy caught Mom right at the end of the lap, and they crossed the line together hands clasped.  Brought tears to my eyes... That was rad...
Okay... Anne and Jimmy not pictured... But I like this picture...

Thanks to Anthony and Cycling Captured for sending this one over....
Can't really believe the MAC has wrapped up another season, can't believe that the Mid Atlantic season is now over... What a great year...

thanks for reading...

Photos by  Jay Lazar, Dennisbike...


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Geler Votre Cul Cyclocross

Loosely translated: Freeze Your Ass Off Cross.

Cyclocross at the Fairhill, MD Fairgrounds.  Saturday, Dec 10.
About and hour from Philly, and about an hour from Baltimore.

Brought to you by the people who bring you Charm City Cross and Granogue Cross.

Perhaps you ask yourself  self, "why the hell would the folks who put on two of the biggest cross weekends in the Mid Atlantic promote another race? are they gluttons for punishment?"

Yes, we are gluttons for punishment. Yes, keydecision makers (Auer, L-Web, and Monkey) were drinking.
But most importantly,  because we love cross and our community needs it.

It's not that we love the of finding a venue, or sorting the call ups, and answering awesome emails, or loading up a truck full of equipment, laying out a totally new course, knowing all along that we will likely lose money on this venture. It's because we love cross. We love this community and we need to race in December.

Friends, I probably don't have to tell you that Nationals and Masters worlds are in January.  While in the past, the mid atlantic season wrapping up the last weekend in November, or maybe in the first weekend in Dec was cool. But with another month to go, if folks really want a shot a doing well at nationals they need to race. And thus, after a few beers , this weekend is happening.

What's that you say, "Hey Fatmarc, I am so over cyclocross right now. My season is done. I'm not going to nationals or masters nationals! I'm drinking like a fish, and riding my mtb with hippies every day! "

That's awesome, I hope you are enjoying the offseason, you should support this race anyway. Come out, race your mtb in the cross race, or bring both bikes then go ride the tons of trails that Fairhill offers. I can't guaruntee hippies, it is in Cecil County after all.
I encourage you to be a little forward thinking, Maybe  next year you find the form you've been looking for and you are totally targeting nationals, and if this race or even our friend up in PA's race aren't supported, well who is to guarunteed they'll be back next year.

Both races offer UCI C2 Payout for the elites, the normal payouts for all other races.

The course is really fun, 3-4 dismounts a lap, lots of corners.

so seriously, go here and register.

And for the limnstone at the kiln race, go here.

thank you for your time.

If you have any awesome questions about the race, hit me up here