Monday, November 28, 2011


One of the things that I love about cross is the intensity of the season. Racing pretty much every weekend from Early September through December. Very rarely is a cross season defined by one race, one event, but much more so when looking back over the entirety of all the races in a season. A bad race, is quickly erased the next day or next week with a "redemption" ride. Series points reflect a riders consistency, and ability to manage different conditions, and the grind of racing week in and week out. I love that grind.

In very few cases, can one race define a season, but certainly Nationals, and for me the State Championships are races that while may not define the entire season, but certainly help to emphasize the story of the season.

So with that, and frankly not knowing what my legs would feel like; not sure my skin suit wouldn't just explode off of me after days of consuming massive quantities, I went into Taneytown with lots of hope and ambition.  Taneytown has always been a good venue for me, and with the right conditions who knows, I might just beat crossresults.


I lined up on the third row, and by some stroke of luck the field parted like the red sea and I was able to hurl myself into the top 10.  My teammates and I spent a lot of time pre-riding, and discussing tactics regarding the heavy mud sections. Let me say that I really enjoy this time with my teammates, it's one of those times i really look forward to, and helps me get ready to race. Jay LAZER "BEAM", talked about running sections saving power and at least trying to keep the bike clean. That Jay Lazer is fast, and smart, and hell I'll say it damn good looking too.

But, I digress I held on to the lead group as long as I could and at the end of the second lap I found myself in a group with Gwadz and Johan. Third lap I bobbled the remount up the run up, and they gaped me a bit. I chased hard, even had hope of bringing them back on the last lap as I got really close to Johan, but it was just enough to hold me off. End of the day I had a solid ride, beat cross results, finished up just outside the top 10 and walked away with a Bronze Medal for 40-44. Yeah, I was pretty stoked.
Who's got 2 thumbs and a Bronze State Medal? This Guy that's who.
The sun shines on every dog's ass once in a while...

The State Championship weekends are always a big deal for me, and I definitely get myself up for them. Hats off to Tracey Lea and her crew for putting on a great show. Thanks to my teammates for their help sussing out the course, and Sam for pitting for me!

Is it wrong to wear my State Medal to work? Just checkin...

thanks for reading.


photos from Galen Wallace and Jen Riskus


Anonymous said...

hmmmm one photo looks ... familiar...good racing fatmarc!

Velorambling said...

It's not only not wrong it is SO right. Congratulations Skinny Marc!

Jill said...

Nice! Way to go!

theuffda said...

I couldn't agree more with your opening paragraph. Cross rewards those whose strength is perseverance and long term focus, not only over the course of a season but over the course of years.

It's great to see that medal around your neck--makes my day.

I've been reading even if I haven't been commenting--thanks for posting so I can race CX vicariously this year.

Judi said...

hell yes its ok to wear that medal to work. (i wore my IM finishers medal to clean the house!). congrats.

one thing - coming to masters worlds in jan?