Friday, February 27, 2009

235: operation volcano

So there is this nasty stomach virus going around the office. A number of folks I work with were out with it this week. Basic symptoms are 24-48 hours of jammed up stomach, during which at some point there is some violent vomiting and diarrhea.

So it was with great joy that I woke up Thursday with a stomach in distress, which pretty much continued through out the day. I spoke to monkey, she told me to take it easy, talked to the coach, who said the same thing, no sense burying myself if I'm on the edge of getting sick, and crossing over the line.

Thursday, I was very careful what I ate, lots of tea, lots of bland, no dairy, no fruit, no coffee, nothing that I though could upset stomach and cause a eruption.

Today, Today however was a different story. I awoke with the same distressed stomach, and might add that I have had the most vicious gas ever over the past two days. When I got to work my co-worker asked me, "any eruption yet?" to which I responded, "nope."

However, today I am taking a different approach, as this is a 24-48 hour thing, and I appear to be in the final half of that, if I'm gonna erupt, I want it to happen and get it behind me. SO today, I have been eating dairy, chocolate, lots of coffee, a spicy cheesy quesadilla, and a donut (so far). All in the hopes that if I am going to erupt, that I can get it over with....
I hope that every hour without said eruption the closer I am to getting rid of this boo boo belly...
let's hope for the best.

I was off the bike again today. The Baker's dozen is not that far away on the horizon, and truthfully I'm a little freaked out. This is the time when I need to be doing exactly what I am not doing, which is ride the bike, not the couch. Factor in the past two days have been 60 degrees and it has not been to good for my mental health.
I was pretty stoked to find these sweet pink fuzzy dice in the mail today, compliment of the Queen of Rock herself. Hell, who cares if I didn't get to ride, I have the fucking sweetest pink fuzzy dice hanging from my mirror now! Thanks Anne!

Well, I'm off to throw some more stuff into the volcano and see if I can't cause that eruption that everyone has been telling me about...

thanks for reading



Tabba said...

keeping my fingers crossed for ya ;) hope it all comes out OK.

Jim said...

Get yourself a Ruben, double sauerkraut, and ask for a whole kosher dill instead of a spear. Pound a couple espressos. Grab some reading material, at least a half hour's worth.

Take my word on this.

Judi said...

too bad you guys don't have white castle, that always works.

airingout said...

BRAT --- Bananas Rice Applesauce and Tea.

And stay the hell away from me.