Sunday, February 1, 2009

226: that dutch bitch!

That sentiment and many more colorful ones came spewing out as members of the DCCoD huddled in Jan's living room watched the women's pro championship unfold.

Clearly we are all homers and were cheering for Katie, but any of us would have been okay with watching Hanka take the win. At least she raced to win. Vos, well Vos raced a great race. She sat in and took the sprint. Essentially Vos made Hanka and Katie do all the work, and never saw the front until she hit the finish line. Dutch Bitch.

Incredibly exciting race, with a totally heartbreaking finish. Of course we are all very proud of KC, and the race was by far the most exciting of the weekend.

Perhaps the best footage of the weekend was the podium where it looked like Hanka and KC were gonna take Vos around back to the woodshed and teach her some manners.

At the finish I was so shook up for a second, I had to put down my high life and my donut.

again, a hell of a race, lots of fun to watch.

Saturday, went on a ride with these guys.
I should say that really I watched them climb away from me all day as I was just awful Saturday morning. Don't know if it was because it was my first ride on the roadbike outside in like 6 months, or if I was just tired, or damn... I was rode horribly. Luckily, I had a great group of folks with me, and I still had a lot of fun. (thanks Meatball, Hardy,Buddy the keg breaker, Jan, Bilson, and KidChris)

Thank god I don't have to be fast until September

Great Job Katie!


zayne braun said...

WOW!! Jan's floors look really great. so does that white wall!

vos may be a dutch bitch, but she's a smart bitch. ride smart grasshoppers.

Katie and Mark Compton said...

Hanka didn't want Katie to win Worlds and rode to make sure neither of them did.
She tried to play off the tactic as she didn't want the other Dutch riders to catch them so she was obligated to chase although she didn't once try to get Vos to chase. Here's the bullshit part of her story, when they caught Katie neither of them would pull, Katie had to ride on the front to avoid doing a trackstand during the race which allowed the second group get closer to catching them.