Monday, May 26, 2008

152: More Granogue

the unabomber:

Jan working registration:
Just Saying.

The night before intense, vivid dreams of wrestling circus freaks. I remember putting the dog faced boy in a crossface cradle, and the worlds fattest dude, I pinned with a half nelson and a one on one. I do think I woke up with Riley in a headlock at some point.

Nervous energy I guess.

Our friend Brent from Minneapolis, or the MID-coast as we like to call it, flew in for the weekend and the race. The cliff notes version of the trip looks like this:

Get Brent off plane
Get Brent drunk on Mexican Picnic’s fine margaritas. (it was Rotten's 25th birthday)
Get Brent up early by having my dogs break into room and spoon him
Take Brent out and ride Middle Run and White Clay
Get Brent to Granogue and mark course
Get Brent drunk on beer at Home Grown Café
Get Brent up even earlier than yesterday and drag him to race
Get Brent into the endurance event. (4 laps later…)
Get Brent to un-mark course

Introduce Brent to vitamin I

Get him drunk on my deck with beer from Beer Church
Get him up early to ride Fairhill

Brent announces aspirations to be the Amish Hugh Hefner. (does he like hairy women?)
Get him on plane, 3 days later, hung over, legs thoroughly trashed, hopefully soul replenished.

it was great having him out, his honorary DCCoD membership card is in the mail. He is always welcome to stay in the Wes Wing of our House.

This is Jim.

You might know him as the unholy rouleur. He was finished first on Saturday. Now he didn't quite get in all the laps he had hoped for, but after plowing into a tree on the river trail, feeling a little concussed, Jim meet my friend, and personal physician Dr. Tim.

Who is a pretty accomplished cyclist in his own right. (thanks for your help Tim!)

This is Anne Rock.
Saturday she earned the first annual Granogue Life Time Achievement award. Because she deserved it, and she's way cooler than I am. Best to you Anne Rock. Best to you.

As the beginner raffle was running a little slow we started having some feats of strength to move the process along. First it was "can you pick Kurtee out of a crowd?" for some jerseys. Then it was math quiz time, "what's 2+2 ?" Then it was, "who has a birthday soon?" Finally, the creme dela creme. The push up contest. 5 individuals battling it out for a sram 9 speed cassette. In the end we kinda had a tie, an 11 year old kid and a 29 year old woman refused to give up. So we settled the contest with a thumb wrestling contest. The kid never had a chance. Thanks to everyone for playing along.

best of all, as I jumped in the car, turned my cell phone on, four very complimentary, very nice emails thanking all of the Racing Group for their efforts popped up on my phone. That folks is the way to make some one's day.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Hope to find some pictures of the push up contest on the internerd somewhere.




Jim said...

Many thanks to Tim. That picture is nice but it doesn't capture the skinned arm or 24 hour migrane headache all that well, or me dropping $110 later in the day on a new helmet - which is what really, really hurt about the whole deal.

And thanks to you and friends for putting on a great event.

Der Jan said...

Wait a minute,
the unabomber was a disgruntled, solitary whack-job, whereas Jan is ...
err .. nevermind.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Brent for all of the cool Twin 6 stuff. I am wearing my new T6 wool socks now in my cubicle. The socks work here just as well as they did on the AM ride and because they are wool, there is no after ride smell. Cool stuff!

Suki said...


I'm guessing this means he gets let in on the secret handshake and shit, right?

hmmm...I'm not sure I like this Brent feller.

not sure a'tall.

Anonymous said...

Anne Rock's not cooler than you. She's just louder. She goes to 11.