Thursday, May 29, 2008

153 (noted): long haired freaky people

Last night I went on a nice bike ride with Jebalicous and Monkey. We saw this fellow Peter who I met a couple of weeks ago. He asked if ole Jebalicous was my son. "No way man!" I responded. Peter continued, " but you to look so much a like." To which I responded, "he rides way better than me, and his real parents are way smarter than me, don't let the long hair fool you, Jebalicous is my friend, not my kid."

Monkey then did the math for me (me 37, Jeb 15) and it's not that outrageous to see why Peter made such a leap of faith. Hell, Jeb is a really nice kid, a parent could do far worse, you know like my parents who have me for a son. Who am I kidding Both Jeb and his sister Megan are great kids, a product of great parents: Brian and L-web. Heck I'm happy to just be associated with the family...

But just to avoid any future confusion I got a haircut. This way folks can see my face, and they will know that although I think of ole Jebalicous as a little brother, No way could I be his father.

But I digress, So I went to see Lauri, my hairstylist. When I walk in the door she gives me a big hug and asks, "has it been 9 months already!?" Lauri is great, and one of the only folks I went to high school with that I ever see.

When I told her what I wanted, she was concerned Diane would be unhappy, and then commented, "I've never cut your hair that short."

as always she did a bang up job. She rules.

This spring I have done a pretty good job of staying pretty mellow about my racing. Last spring I didn't have too much fun, and really didn't race all that well. This year I have had a ton of fun, kinda stumbling through a couple of mountain bike races, and few time trials along the way. However, I knew all along the the focus of my spring would be Big Bear.

Kris and Ethan had talked about doing this for a long time, and although I am riding far less than I have in past springs, I kinda knew all along that I better keep moving because going into Big Bear half cocked was not going to be a good thing. I have had some solid training, and with this guy's guidance I'm feeling good about next week. A couple of more efforts and I should be ready to go.

As much as I hate giving my money to Laird, I have to admit one of the things I would love to do before I walk away from this game is to win one the West Virgina 24hr races. I still remember when this was the race of the spring each year. I have raced at 4 of the 5 venues, finished on teams as high as 3rd, and as low as 69th. Buddy T. Keg Breaker, Amazin' Andrew, Peaches and I had a good look at it a couple of years ago, but had bad strategy and it cost us the race. You live and you learn right?

So here I am taking another shot at this. A little scary for me as it is the first time I've done one of these things without L-Web, Buddy, or Peaches on my team or with me since 2001. I have great teammates, and expect the best, but it will be different for me. You know like the bad uncle move or when you cheat on yourself. Was that over the line?

Maybe I get to mark another thing off my "to do before I die" list? We'll see. Hopefully I don't go south like Sampson or let my teammates down by falling on my face.

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Jim said...

she did a bang up job

Hair cut? "bang" up job? As James Lipton would say... BRILLIANT!

Sure, you can say that you didn't intend to slip that pun in there. But like Freud and delusional bastards who stockpile guns and food and live in cabins in the woods waiting for Armageddon at the hands of Freemason-directed UN Shock Troops, I believe there are no accidents.

Anonymous said...

This should be number 153, or 152a or 152.1, etc

Who is the girl in the C3 shorts?

robert said...

Called it.
Lauri kicks ass.

I should send her a picture of my latest cut to show her why she makes the money and i don't.

zayne braun said...

very nice hairs cut. looks like you will be male modeling again. i should have made time to see lauri when i was in town.

see you tomorrow.

Judi said...

Nice haircut! And good luck in your race!