Monday, December 31, 2007

202: new years revolutions

1. take more pictures of Diane

2. have more pictures of the two of us together

3. wear a shirt and tie more often

4. train less ride more

5. no single speed mountainbiking

6. black is the new pink

7. but pink is still dead sexy.

8. learn to top rope
9. boulder somewhere without a roof
10. trim my nose hair
11. do more days with Special Olympics this year.
12. wrestle the dogs more.
13. heckle bike racers at Fairhill mtb races

14. stop eating loaded french fries
15. read more books
16. get an article published in embrocation magazine and cyclocross magazine
17.commute to work at least 4x a month

18. try track racing (that's (i)paul 2nd wheel)

19. recycle more

20.stay better in touch with my friends.

21.back to 170 by Feb 15
22. stop drinking soda

23. race cross in New England again (the mother land); not chase mac points...
24. not get sucked into the same “idiots riding when trails too wet” arguments I get each year.
25. help put on best Granogue races ever this year
26. improve my foot massage skills (and I can rub some mother fucking feet)



Anonymous said...

Hey twenty horse trailers at Fair hill on New years day can't be wrong

bethbikes said...

Whose feet are you practicing on?

Chris said...

I'm with you on most everything, especially #10, but I'm not getting #5. Glad to see there was no crazy talk about no beer or no mexican food. happy new year!

Fort James said...


You can do the Polar Bear plunge with me on Superbowl Sunday. ALL proceeds go to Special Olympics Delaware. If all of your readers donate $5 or so, you can raise a ton of money for Special O. These event has a direct bottom line impact on the organization and what it can do for the athletes.


Fort James

Details at (not!)

Suki said...

dear fatmarc,

firstly, I cannot say how happy I am to have read the term "mother fucking" on your blog.

secondly, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see it used in conjuction with feet.

this makes me love you long time.

your pal,
(oh) Suki (sooki, now)

Anne Rock said...

Slow down there, Sparky.

That's a pretty long list. My prediction? Your inability to adhere to all 26 items on this list will lead to binge drinking sodas and selling all bikes except for a single speed mountain bike.

Happy New Year!

gwadzilla said...

marcifat... I mean faticus

that is a sweet list

one of my few resolutions is to write things down and make them happen

ideas disappear like a fart in the wind
action is something completely different

happy new years
great list


IF Chicks said...

This list is out of control, but you never do anything half-ass.

You should come up for these NE weekends:

1) Gloucester GP: Cruella will attest to my hospitality

2) Chainbiter ! + NoHo (you have done)

The Weekend of the cyclingfest-world cup in Providence is tentative in Oct, so maybe that would trump Gloucester..but it is the week before Granogue.

Re: foot massages.
I can show you some magic moves I learned in massage school, no charge for you.

see you sat !!

Jason said...

That's a tall order, but I'm sure you'll do it. Shirt and tie? Hmmmmm.

Next time I see you I got some nasty ass feet that could use a good rubbin'

Jim said...

Wow Marc. You're like a Type A slacker.

My resolution - do better. That covers it, and given the large number of things I facked last year, I should be able to keep it.

sam said...

wait... you drink soda? Why on EARTH do you drink soda!?!?!

Make sure you stick to that one. That stuff will kill you. Hasn't Buddy taught you anything? Have a beer!