Tuesday, January 9, 2007

chapter 61: there's no sentry at the gate

henry's bikes

katie gave me a little shout out on the old velonews website today. So yeah I got that going for me, and now every elite women's cross racer in the country hates me. The part of that story she missed is how TedLogic almost made her hurl in the back of my truck eating a microwave cheesesteak from 7-11 at 6:00 in the morning. I think Jeanie and Diane had something to do with Katies cross debut too, like they drove the process.

my email box started filling up quickly this morning. That was a nice surprise.

I pick up my new ride tomorrow. I pretty excited about that. You know how fat kid's love cake? well, I'm on a strict no cake diet for the next week or so. I am weak. I'm scared that I won't be able to pedal that new bike.

anyway, now that I've finally had my name on velonews I should just consider retirement.

Katie your a good person, that shout out was unnecessary but appreciated. I just hope Georgia and Lynn don't have a black belt in Karate or anything. Besty, and Erica we're still friends right?

I'm going to eat a almond now.



Anonymous said...

At 155, I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, then just had a chocolate glazed donut for second breakfast. Lunch looks like a Vegetarian stromboli, then maybe a chicken cheese steak for an afternoon snack.

Life's hard when you're a pimp.

Life's really hard when you've got a Wednesday night ride shaping up to be a real ball buster. Luckily there's Stormking at the finish line.

ps. my frame is done

Anonymous said...

what's the new ride?

Anonymous said...

It's a Spot of course. To be featured on your bike porn when it's built?

tedlogic said...

that was the best damm cheesestake too

Anonymous said...

hey, i found a sweet tattoo for Matt...

Anonymous said...

"It's a Spot of course. To be featured on your bike porn when it's built?"

absolutely! he just needs to send me an email with all the good stuff once he gets it. nice rides!

Soupie said...

gettin repped hard!!!