Monday, December 18, 2006

The second memory that I will cherish coming out of this Nationals was I guess a Mid Atlantic Tradition following Nationals, that this was the first time I was privy too. All the Sunday night stay overs were gathered in the lobby, and we spent some time sharing laughter and experiences from the season. Heartfelt toasts were made, props were given, stories were told. It was all I could do to keep the tears back when Tammy came into the room from the hospital. I won’t say too my more than that because I don’t want to spoil the secret tradition. I will say thank you to all my peers in the Mid Atlantic Brother/ Sisterhood.

You know as I sit here, typing this, I just can’t believe it’s over. The 2007 cross season has been my best ever, and maybe the most fun ever. It saw monkey start racing again, and you can’t imagine how much I loved watching her race again, I loved the brotherhood I felt in the killer B’s, and watching Wes and Ryan, the Mid Atlantic’s #1 ambiguously gay couple, and being the mid Atlantic’s #2 ambiguously gay couple with E-town, drinking Chimay with 20 of your closest racing friends, chasing Amy, following the gospel of Dan, the white hand of Saron, the Cult of Rick, Cheering for Deiter, IRON MIKE CONNAIR, Spot Paul and LISA LISA, SUZY GERLACH I HEART YOU, Dave Troop the Belgian work horse, lindstrum wins by one little point, Mayhew keeps getting stronger, Sponging up every last word that Gunnar, Fergie and Yozell speak, hugging JD, screaming for wolverine, joking with Auer, High fiving Jimbo and Ferrari, chamois time with Bernie, making Katie and Mark take the sofa, the HVB guys, Combsie keep your pimp hand strong!! Rob Lyons, looking at Britney’s beaver with Greg, watching Tom (papa smurf) turn himself inside out and never once look at the results, the Monday morning conference call from Luxy, pitting for Yozells, laughing with Jan, admiring the rock star that is MEGA, Wednesday night cross practice, hanging with Betsy the nicest woman in the world, EL HEFE, Jeff Cordisco, COME BACK NEXT YEAR KARL, Zach Adams you are better than you believe, the routine, getting pit coaching from FORTJAMES, cheering for jay and Jeff, being apart for the fort frames factory team, and the MOTHER FUCKING DELAWARE CYCLOCROSS COALITION OF DELAWARE or the DCCoD for those who don’t know. And let it be said none of this would happen for me without the love and support of my wife. Let me not forget to pimp FORT FRAMES, TWIN SIX, SPOT BRAND, AND HENRY’S BIKES who all keep me going with super cool stuff. With great pride I sing the praise of the 2006 cross season, with great sadness that I acknowledge that this season is coming over. Katie you better kill those women over there. Just because I didn’t mention you doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means I’m not in love with you. Not really, I mean I do love you, and I’m not in love with you but I really need to wrap this up and so I am, sorry if I shouldn’t have missed you. God Speed. Have a great off season, and a great holiday. See you at Charm City.

huge respect
your whore.


megA said...


gunnar or mike?

tongue or no tongue?

and now you know why most years i don't remember much of sunday night


next year, my friend, next year. . .

mail order said...

Damn dude, that was worth the wait. Perhaps your best blog post this year. Awesome.

You do know that with your blog, your emails and your you that you're largely responsible for you love so much?

Anonymous said...

dude, thanks for a great season. it was a pleasure racing and hanging out. I'll always remember pipping you at the line at Guy's.

see you at the banquet!


ps. now what?

Anonymous said...

Great write up marc!
That was a HUGE field.
I wouldn't say you go smoked.

Great stache too.
Have a great holiday season.
See you in ths spring!


Anonymous said...

Best race weekend ever!

The racing was fun (and really hard), but the hanging out is what made it.

The DCCofD and auxilliary organizations rock. I overheard more than a few people talking about the 'compound' and the big group of uber-organized people that were having a great time.

Thanks for making it happen.

The 35-39 race was brutally hard and you'd have been a lot further up without the tumble. Great sprint though. You had a rocket up your ass!

luxxy said...

Again,great get your ass to work so i can call you.....

Anonymous said...

that was a pleasure to read. i missed you all dearly this past weekend.

thanks for showing me how it's done in 'cross, making make me feel at home in the mid-atlantic, and pulling off the trucker like no one's done before.

vive le DCCofD.