Monday, December 4, 2006

chapter 03: droping off the kids

On our way to Reston last weekend the DccoD (delaware cyclocross coalition of delaware) caravan stopped at a mighty fine rest top in Maryland. Much to my surprise, the men's room had these little doors on the stalls. I surmised that this was to reduce unwanted rest stop hook ups. But, then again I thought clearly that was wrong. Clearly these little doors where set up so you could more easily take pictures of your buddys while they take a crap.

In the picture below it almost looks like I'm smiling, in fact I am, no not because the start was so f-ed up, you know because I was goofin' on the line again, but because I just got a the hole shot for the second race in a row. Clearly, not my style but what the hell, I'll take it. It's brings a smile to my face that the oldest, fattest guy in the pack can get to the front, if only for 30 seconds of a 45 minutes race. Ah, yes in life it truly is the smallest victories that count.




robert said...

I saw that friggin' midget door and knew i was in trouble the second I peered over it's freaky-low top... Thanks for the infamy.

mail order said...

Man, that start was effed. I was too busy scrutinizing my head (to quote Mike Tyson) till I saw you. Then the whole thing clicked and I was down to business.

Anonymous said...

Marc & E-town,

Great racing with you this season. Thanks for all of the support. See you in Providence.