Thursday, December 30, 2004

Get Down Tonight and That's the way I like it, uhuh, uhuh...

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Quick Updates-

Had dinner with KC, and Mark last night. Diane and I met them at the Iron Hill Brewery. The brewery had a really nice holiday ale. I enjoyed a couple of them. It was so good to be around KC again. She just has a good energy. Her stories from Athens, and racing with Kris, her blind stoker, were cool. Mark, who grew up in New Zealand was also incredibly cool, very funny. It was great to meet him. I think we are gonna try to get out and see them in a couple of months. I ate some pizza and nachos. It's god damn hard to get good nachos in newark anymore, I think Iron Hill's are the best of the rest. Damn I miss deer park.

Got MRI on Tuesday. Lots of folks told me it would be really claustrophobic and awful. They put head phones on my head, Rod Stewart was piped through, and zzzzzz. That’s right I was in sleepy land. Next thing I know I hear the technician speaking in my ear. “Mr. V you’re all done now!” Woke me up like the voice of god. Much to my surprise they handed me the MRI’s as I was walking out of the office, and well basically they have been sitting in back of the toaster since. I am going to drop them to the doctor this morning so I’ll know more soon.

That’s about it for now. Had good PT session last night and I go again this morning. My strength is up, but still feel some tightness, get some pain from time to time. I think the folks at PT are getting used to me now. When I say things like “bring the pain…” they are not so taken a back anymore….

Had to congratulate and offer up a F-ck you to Mr. Deputy. F-ck you because I was really bummed to find that he is not doing his series this year. I have a lot of respect for him and his vision. He just does things right. Maybe it’s the control freak in me that just likes that I had some connection with Bill, some input to what went down. The congratulations is that Bill is gonna start riding more, which is something he needs to do. I just wonder what the fate of Iron Hill will be now. If FSVS drops it we had talked about having a small group of us promoting it in Bill’ series. Now it won’t be in a series, I wonder what it’s fate will be. Too much history at Iron Hill to let it die. Damn. I still want to have that race. We’ll have to see how this unfolds.

Anyway, rock on for now, have a great new year if I don’t update again before then.
Looking forward to reports of new years rides everywhere.



Monday, December 27, 2004

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze.

Katie and I. One of the biggest influences on my riding ever. Notice how the Blair Witch Project angle of the picture really conveys the stalker nature of our relationship. What you can't see is the knife I am holding as I threaten her "you better smile!" Posted by Hello
About an hour and a half into our ride I heard it. It came from behind me. It was very close, and if it was not a familiar sound I may have been startled. It was loud and thunderous, baritone, and rumbled like a big block Chevy V8 from an era long since past. Starting deep in some cave, and bellowing out loud and clear:


“nice one Katie!” I chirped between strained breaths, “ WHAT!?” she replied in a humorous indifferent way. Yup Katie was in town, and damn it was fun riding with her. Early Sunday morning a very nice sized group containing, Dennis S, Me, Ted, James A, Mike K, Andrew M, Katie, Mark (with a K), James C, Buddy, Matt, Rock Star Joey T and a brief appearance from Bill(doe). We rode white clay/ middle run trail system.

The trails were frozen solid and were fast. They where so hard that traction was seamless and you could carve corners with confidence, and abandon. As we left the parking lot at the ticking tomb, Andrew commented that with these conditions we should have no trouble with flats today. And thus, the voodoo curse was on. Less than a mile later we would have our first of three flats on the day. This was okay for me, being only my second ride in a month my fitness was suspect. Aside from the usual fast dudes I get to ride with, I had a Colorado contingent to smack me around. Joey T fresh from the fort lewis terror squad; Katie and Mark were some serious power in town to potentially make my life that much tougher. Katie's older brother James was here too. He was being seriously handicaped as he was riding a FS bike. Poor kid. More flats meant more time to catch up. More time to hear about ab balls , TVs, and beer pong.

Luckily, everyone was well behaved, and hell they let me lead for most of the day. Up the climbs I was breathing hard, but just trying to be steady, on every decent I would attack as hard as I could. I was enjoying the fine trail conditions, and trying to use my technique to not get dropped. Another benefit of the 3 flats was that it allowed us to talk a lot of smack. Katie can talk smack like an NBA player. I really miss that in my daily diet. We played on the skills trail. Mark, riding a cross bike, stacked on the steep down ramp. Going over the bars on drop bars is something that everyone should experience at least once but never again. James A and I followed him through this really nasty rooty section, and the guy flowed like butter. Very impressive. Really nice guy, and good looking too. Nice catch Katie…

After the skills trail Bill took a nasty tumble, his elbow was looking bad through his jersey. It’s always bad after someone crashes and they stand up, and then lay back down. Bill departed early.

Pace continued to be crisp but consistent; Joey took the lead on the longest climb of the day, and proceeded to beat the entire group into submission. Damn, I can remember when Joey was shorter than me, and slower. He hadn’t planned on riding during the break ,so he had a great mixture of his old devo stuff and his dad’s ww gear. He was slumming on the bike front riding his pop’s Santa Cruz Super Light.

Somewhere in this I realized I was no longer leading the group, and in fact was fighting my ass off to stay somewhere in the middle of the pack. I was quickly becoming pack fodder, as I felt a small bonk coming on. It has been a few years since I rode middle run with the honest to god fear that I was going to go out the back, and not be able to stay with the group.

After “shock and awe” where I left it all on the down hill, and limped my way up the bastard hill following, Katie rolled up along side me and said “you just hit the wall huh?”
“yup” I said. “but the juice today, was definitely worth the squeeze”

Our group which had lost 3, lost another 3 as Ted, Dennis and I bailed out and the remaining group members rode up to “magic mountain”. Rides like todays are special, and infrequent. Getting to ride with old friends, and new ones in the same day, was pretty awesome. My back was better, still not 100%, but there isn't any place I would have rather been this morning.


Matt and Ted discuss the merits of running through a creek in sub freezing tempatures. Can you say Ted Logic ? You can't see it here but Matt is on a super blingle speed. Williams custom with a carbon rear end. nice. Posted by Hello

Flat #2 Buddy jogging to stay warm, Mike K, Dennis S on the opposite side of the camera, Joey

ted and james. Posted by Hello

Joey and James. Notice how coordinated Rock Star Joey is. Devo shorts, Trek Jersey and Wooden Wheels vest. That's right the Euro trash look never looked so good. Rock Stars Posted by Hello

Mark, kicks it with Andrew the master of the Voodoo Flat Curse. Mark was a Bad mofo on his cross bike... Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A great tree. You know I ususally bitch and moan about being on the road all day, and how crazy busy christmas is, but this year was the best, had a great time at both stops. We had babies everywhere, I had fun just taking picutures, and messing with kids all day. Usually I know I can get pretty caught up in my own crap, don't always give my family the attention they deserve. Yeah, I'm a bastard. But today, today was the best Christmas I can remember. Hell, It makes my top 5 days ever list it was so good. So here are a few shots to try and capture my family. I'm usually long winded, so I'll try to let the pictures speak for themselves... some... Happy Holidays... Posted by Hello

you kim possible fans will recognize my brother tim here in the background, that's right he is the monkey master... Posted by Hello

To which Bry retorts "zoinks, man, we look like velma and shaggy !" I don't see the resemblence but you be the judge. Posted by Hello

bry and tab get some breakfast nourishment Posted by Hello

Tim and Chris, you have to be good with the middle finger to survive my family... Posted by Hello

baby's everywhere at my folks... Posted by Hello

Beth with daugher Taylor... (duran duran fans) Posted by Hello

see even I get into the act... Posted by Hello

toys everywhere and bubble wrap is still a winner. Ciara, and Connor man rock out a bit. Posted by Hello

this is the money shot for me. my parents with my neice Taylor. (brother is a duran duran fan, really- he he) Posted by Hello

Diane, her sister Jen, Jake the snake, and Ian, truly one of the nicest guys in the world. I wanted a picture of Chuck/Carol with Jake, but I couldn't pull it off... Posted by Hello

Dinner at the Outlaws... everything was perfect and awesome... Posted by Hello

Pop Pop Chuck (FIL) pulls Jake the snake. This is how mtbers get their start.. Posted by Hello

Like all familes no Christmas is complete without feats of strength demonstrations.
This for us was who can balance on the ab ball the longest... Posted by Hello

monkey master kicks ass... Posted by Hello

mom's got game.. Posted by Hello

diane's turn Posted by Hello

the future

Thursday, December 23, 2004

jumanji. Posted by Hello