Sunday, May 4, 2014


Dear Readers,

My graduation was Friday night. I'll admit I was really honored and humbled when a number of folks close to me asked to come to the graduation ceremony. I thought they were a little crazy, and I was really humbled. Each student was allotted so many seats, and I have to admit I was probably the only forty-three year old graduate who had to request additional seats. I was probably the also the only forty-three year old who's parents attended. I may have been the luckiest forty-three year old in the world Friday night. For this I am very thankful.
Blake, Jen, Dad, Mom, Travis, Buddy, Rachel, and Diane!
When we arrived, Diane and I met her sister. Diane gave me a kiss and went to gather everyone in our party and get seats. I was corralled into a class room. Each of the programs had their own class room except for mine which had two. As we checked in the honors medallions were handed out. I noticed there were only two gold. These were for students who had earned a 4.0 GPA. I was super stoked to get the gold, especially in the light of the fact that my graduated undergrad with a 2.03. I really wanted that 4.0.  For the first time in my grad career, I sat down in the back of the class and waited for things to get going. I chatted with my friend  Ruichen, and a couple of other folks.

A few minutes later, I was approached by the man with other gold medallion. He smiled and congratulated me, and then coyly asked me, " so what was you concentration?"  I replied "Human Resources" His face beamed as he said, "Mine was a Comprehensive MBA! I'm the only 4.0 in my program!" Which of course meant the same thing for me. I might have surprised him when I offered him up a high five!  Not gonna lie, I was perfectly happy with the 4.0 , but being the only one in my program- yeah that was a nice cherry on top.
Jen's smile all the way to the right is awesome!
Finally, they started to move us to the gym for the ceremony. In the hall way between buildings all of the Graduate Professors had lined the halls, they were clapping and cheering. I got goosebumps.It reminded me of running through my teammates before a wrestling match. As we entered the gym, I couldn't stop smiling as the crowd roared. I spotted my family (Diane, Mom, Dad, Jen, Buddy, Rachel, Travis and Blake). All at once I felt honored, humbled, and incredible proud. I fought back tears of joy, and just couldn't stop smiling.

At our seats, I might have been dancing a bit.

The speaker wasn't very good. But he promised to keep it to 12 minutes and he kept his promise. The ceremony moved promptly and being on the floor was all at once exciting and fun. It was my time to walk to the stage. One of my favorite professors was waiting in the hall, and she gave me a huge hug and a kiss. Dr. Merritt was one of the professors who really had a huge impact on me in this experience.

Dr. Merritt was a key teacher in my program.
 I crossed the stage, my name was called and I was hooded. (for those so inclined check out this video and drop to 1:19:20 in the video...)

Video streaming by Ustream

 We were confirmed as graduates and then it was time to leave. Again, the roar of the crowd was amazing. I got goosebumps all over again!

I saw Diane in the crowd and she was smiling and clapping. She said "I love you" I couldn't hear her but I'm pretty good at reading lips!  I blew her a kiss! I saw my parents . Despite the gruff ushers best efforts to keep us moving, Jen took some pictures of Diane and I, and then of my parents and I.  It was an amazing experience, and one that I will always remember and treasure.
me and dad.

We all met up at Two Stones for some more laughs and a few drinks. I had the steak with scallops, which was very good, but light on scallops.

Pretty amazing night. Pretty Amazing Experience.

thanks for reading.



Kita said...

Congratulations Marc!! :D You are an inspiration to never be afraid to learn something new and to always be getting better!

Jill said...

Cried happy tears reading this and watching you commence. So very, very proud of you! *high-five!*

You can take the summer off before starting your doctoral program. :)

Congratulations, again. So awesome!