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He's ok if he's not the fastest on the block, but that doesn't lead him to treat cycling like an adult kickball league as so many do. Cycling is important. It's ok to train for it. It's ok to want to be faster, because that's actually more fun than sucking completely. At the same time, being fast doesn't make you better than anyone else, and he knows that, too.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Water Ice Ride and Stuff

Monk and Mom Mom debate Brawy vs. Bounty
rolling out - water ice awaits...

the pace was brutal and took it's toll on everyone...

Jimmy Rock attacked and dropped me on port royal. Port Royal  gives me nightmares.

Monk,  Ann Rock and Stacy..

Art Museum...

water ice to the end of the 

peace through water ice


1 comment:

Jim said...

I always get whichever paper towel has the gayest, most blue collar looking spokescartoon character on the front.

Perhaps I'm just positively stereotyping, but who could possibly be more outraged by a messy house, or work harder to clean it up, than a Tom of Finland-style lumberjack?