Friday, June 22, 2012

Granogue Cross 2012

Dear Friends of Granogue Cross,

After a lot of deliberation and heartfelt introspection, we have decided to not host the Granogue Cross Weekend for 2012. Our team has worked tenaciously over the years promoting the Granogue Race as well ascyclocross in the general. We are very proud of the fruits of our labor, the growth of our event as well as the growth of cross in our region. That being said, the effort of putting on any race, let alone an event like Granogue Cross is not an easy undertaking. We have always been our toughest critics, and held ourselves to our own ridiculous standards. Our goal has always been to put on races that we would want to do. This spring we came to a realization that after of years of trying to better ourselves each year- it has taken a toll on our team. In short, we need a break. We need a year off.

We are keeping our options open for returning for 2013 and beyond.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years- volunteers and racers.

Thanks to the volunteer army that makes it happen every year, often times sacrificing their results to support the event.
Thanks to the local bike shops, teams and companies that have supported us with swag, support and adult beverages.
Thanks to the racers that traveled from all over the country, heck the world, to come to our event and race with us.

Thank you for spreading the word of about our event. Your word of mouth has always been our best marketing.

You could have raced anywhere in the world, you chose to be with us, we appreciate that.

Best to you all.

Tom McDaniel
Lauri Weber (L-web)
Marc Vettori (fatmarc)


Otts said...

Great event at a great venue put on by fantastic people. You certainly could tell the amount of work and love poured into putting it on year after year. I will certainly miss it, but can understand what an undertaking it was. It was also the first Cross race I attended, as a spectator five years ago. I got the itch to race then and it continues as a passion today. Thanks for everything, I hope to see the return in the future.

steevo said...

somebody will step up to do it. people love doing stuff.

Chris Mayhew said...

It's the MAC world championship. Thanks for all the memories.

LuckyLaud said...

I'm sorry to see the race is off, but Tom has done as much ( if not more than anyone) to increase the quality of the sport over the last 15 years. If ever a guy earned some time off, its him. First round's on me.

gwadzilla said...

only another race promoter can understand what it takes to put on a race... I am not a race promoter... but as a small cog in the machine that is DCMTB I have come to respect race promoters to a greater level

hopefully you guys return in 2013

if not... thanks for all that you and your team does for the culture of cycling

Colin R said...

Thanks for coercing me into making it down for what could be the final edition of Granogue last year. Holy crap.

Having nearly killed myself putting on a few non-UCI, single-day CX races, I am impressed at how long you did it for and completely understand what you're feeling right now.