Monday, April 18, 2011

Price's Prizes and Buddy's Biscuits...

Dear Readers,

I had a few great days of riding.

Thursday the blue cup with Ted Logic, Les international man of mystery, and Pricey.

I went home and drank a beer that I opened with an opener that Pricey won at Fairhill, and I drank it out
of a waterbottle that he won too.  Thanks Pricey. Victory is so Sweet.

Saturday, I knew it was going to rain so I had to get out early. I called Buddy and Travis (other early risers)
"buddy, we should ride Granogue at 7 to beat the rain tomorrow" I said.
"7:00 is really early..." Buddy said.
"would you do it for a box Buddy Biscuits?" I tempted him.

"Man, 7:00 is really early... but.." Buddy said.
"Would you do it for two  boxes of Buddy Biscuits?" I swung for the fences.

"Pick me up at 6:40!" Buddy said...

Luckily, Travis met us. It was a great ride, I was out of Travis Treats.

A great ride, at a gentleman's pace, we pushed each other, and had fun the entire time.
Seriously, my entire body was destroyed the rest of the weekend.

Can we do it again next week? Please.

Granogue is coming along nicely, a couple of little tweaks to the course really round things out nicely.

This year we coming back with our 10k run, our pre-rides for HERA, the
 DE, MD, PA, NJ  mountain bike time trial state championships all on Saturday.

A full slate of Enduro and Cross Country races Sunday.

Also back this year is the IRON MONKEY. (Run, TT and Enduro)

It will be totally AWESOME. Go Here and Register.


Potter potting
Okay, this is pretty rad.

Watch more video of Defense Soap Dirty Flo Takedown Of The Week on

watch out for Penn State Wrestlers out there.

thanks for reading.



Jake said...

That was sick...

Spice said...

I need that dude commentating in my "workshop" while I'm throwing down with the old lady.

Travis said...


first off thanks to you and Buddy for the ride, not leaving me for dead and ripping my legs off

second, ride yes...please

forth, don't worry about the "travis treats"...I got a pair at the Hooters/Dunkin Donuts after the ride