Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Awesome Snotcycle Report...

Had a fun day Saturday at the snot cycle race, even if the race wasn't so hot. Good to see some friends and hang out. The camaraderie of pushing cars out of the snow was fun too.

My race was very short and involved a lot of running.  I might have been the first Cat 1 rider finished racing. Not winning, just the first one done.
Off the start we were all actually riding a short bit. Travis and I were side by side with the leaders just in front of us. This guy starts trying to push his way through the middle of us, all argey bargey. "come on guys, lets get going, we're going too slow" He elbowed his was in between us, started to move up a bit... he hits a patch of ice, verred off the course into a snow bank, and almost took out a spectator.  I started laughing out loud. I think I heard a collective laughing from the Cat 1 field.
This was pretty much the highlight of the race for me, sad as it was. After running for 10 minutes, I pulled the plug on my race. I hoped to get a good ride, not a 14 mile trail run that would likely cripple me for the next two weeks. Oh, well it is january...

You know, I'm a big fan of the races on the farm. I've done every baker's dozen race they have had.
This was my first snot cycle. I knew it was going to be a crap shoot.
I've promoted a few races in my life, even a couple of mud races over the years,  so I know how much work it is, and how much harder in bad conditions.
I have to admit I was really disappointed that with two days since the snow, they couldn't come up with an alternative loop. Folks would have been stoked to have shorter loops that you know they could actually ride. I know how much I was looking forward to it...

On the upside the promoters are talking about having a training race is a few weeks. No prizes, No entry fee, open to folks who were registered for the original snotcycle. A do over. sweet.  A chance to get down there and really race.. Good call Gentlemen.

Sunday I was up early to watch the cross races this morning. good show by all the US riders... very entertaining as Monkey and  huddled around the TV at 5:00 in am, cheering for Katie. Good show Katie for sure...



Travis said...

"almost took out a spectator ", he laid that dude out. And that was a close second for me.....seeing you be "the first cat 1" to pull the plug gave me the thank god reason to be the second to pull a half a second.

gewilli said...

first couple laps on a snow course sucks but then a groove develops and it works.

Lots of work to prep though DAMHIK