Monday, October 25, 2010

my new hat

With the guidance of our teammate Arley, Diane has been able to take her knitting to the next level, with the creation of two knit hats. Monkey made me one in our team colors. When she finished she asked if I wanted a pom pom on top. I told her hell yeah, but go big or go home.

I think she accomplished the goal.

We spent the day racing in Washington DC, at the DCCX. The DCMTB team, lead by Matt Donahue and Mark Gwadz really put on a great show. The race course was super technical and tons of fun. I started in the 4th row and survived what was a chaotic start. I was on Mayhew's wheel when bodies seemed to be laying all over the place. "through the smoke Mayhew, through the smoke!" I said to him as I followed him safely through the carnage.

After two laps I found myself in a nice group with Mark Kutney, Keith Rohr, and Big Time Glenn Turner. Big Time started moving up and charging out of our little group. My brain said "go with him" my legs thought the better of it.

Through the final two laps our nice group of three would trade positions at the front. I don't think Mark, Kieth or I was really trying to dump the other two, just keep working together until the final lap. At one point I came around Mark, and he said, "and I thought those cheers were for me!" I replied, "Marc Gwadz is chasing off our group, the cheers were for him for sure"  Mark got a little gap on the final 1/2 lap, that I thought I could bring back through the barriers. I was wrong. I got a little jump on Keith up the finishing straight and rode that home. It was a good race. It was super fun racing with those two.

Monk had a good day too. She started the furthest back probably in her cross racing career. She battled through and kept moving up. We were both stoked. She was caught on her final lap by the our teammates Dee Dee and Arley. Monk knew they were coming and tried to stay out of their way. She said next thing she knew they were right there. "oh my god, guys sorry just trying to stay out of your way..." Our teammates, gave her a nice cheer and moved on through to the finish.  Aside from some gearing issues, and a possible mohito hangover burning off on the first lap, Monk was really pleased with her ride. She looked good. Then again I always think she looks good.

DCCX does a great job creating an event, and Muffy VanShagsalot knows how to pull together a hell of a tailgate. That made enjoying the remaining races, cheering for teammates even more fun than usual. Working pit with some frothy recovery drink I am reminded that I am such a two can Sam.

good weekend for sure.

cheers to DCMTB.



gwadzilla said...

C3 was well represented

good to see you and your cycling family

KR said...

Dude - who is this guy Glenn Turner? I thought the same thing about jumping on his wheel, but he was flying. I'm still trying to get to know the names in our category. Nice race. Nice pace.

Family Bike Shop said...

Good to see you again Sunday. Nice race. Loved the hat!

Chris H said...

Glenn passed me on the finishing straight with 2 to go. He went by me like I was standing still. I tried to get on his wheel but there was no chance.

Marc said...

Just when I thought you were dying, you kicked it up a notched and I realized you were chilling.

Nice job by you and the C3 crew- elites podiums all over the place.

-marc g

Judi said...

diane is a pistol! totally sucks ass starting in the way back. saw a bunch of your c3 women at usgp.

Anonymous said...

Double Sunglasses!!!!