Monday, June 30, 2008


a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

the Brevoort brothers and I decided to make a small skateboard/freestyle BMX t-shirt company.

We made T-shirts.

Okay we made 12 T-shirts, and rode a lot.

Pretending we were a company gave us excuses to make videos.

We made videos and had huge video premire parties while my parents were away.

2ft high 1/2 pipe in the basement.

living room packed with dirty skaters for the video show. Here Mike, Joe and I try to not kill ourselves in our 1991 opus "let it ride" . Here's my run from 1990's "useless footage".

Thanks to Mike for putting these up. I feel really old now.

as a side note, I fell off my skateboard trying to go to the mailbox today.

btw did you see Super Chunk's boo boo.

poor kid. in for a world of hurt. Just like Uncle Faticus.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

162: Hershey is for Hippies

So my wife, she is a huge DMB fan. As a result I went to my first show at the E-Center, just across from Philly, 4 years ago. The crowd was a lot of old grateful dead guys, tied died shirts and definitely that phish/dead/dirty hippie feel. Hippies aren't my deal, but generally are pretty nice folks. I like nice people.

Over the last few years I have found myself at more than one of these shows in Philly. Slowly but steadily, the crowd changed. First it evolved into a frat rat patty crowd, who only went crazy when Dave made a reference to getting high. Which he does pretty often. Honestly, not my gig, but that's cool.

Then last year it went totally bad. "Joey and Drama Queen" hit the scene. Seriously the last show I swear was a series of outtakes from hot chicks with douche bags. As a side note, those girls kinda scare me, and not in a hot good way. And they are really not cool to sit next to at a show, not one bit.

Friday night, Monkey and I ventured to Hershey, PA for the DMB/Black Crows show. The show was great, my only complaint would be that the Black Crows set was way too short. DMB looked like they were having lots of fun, and played the best set I have seen in my way too many DMB shows. Don't tell Monkey, but I actually enjoyed myself.

Best of all, I found all the hippies! They were hanging out in Hershey. The crowd was very festive in the fields we parked in, (thanks to the Hebe clan for a nice cold beer!). Old grateful dead folks were a plenty, as well as girls with good tattoos. The crowd was really into the show, not being the show, people were friendly, and dancing not like they were in a NYC club, which at a Dave show never made sense to me, but like they were god damn dirty hippies! Yeah Dirty Hippy Dance!

Dirty dudes, white dreads, the smell of weed everywhere. Long haired freaky people ! They must have all had the munchies really bad, and have been hanging out in Hershey for the chocolate. Friends, for my concert money, if I have a choice between sitting next to the long island drama queens or a dirty hippie, well pass me the petruli... Hershey was outstanding.

Drive home was uneventful albeit longer than coming from philly, as I hit the pillow at 2:00am.

Saturday morning I was up early as these guys arolled by the homestead and we headed down to the pokerrun, which was a great ride:

Buddy primarily set the pace for the first hour, followed by E-town in the second, and I finished out the Maestro duties for the reminder of the ride. Roughly 32 miles in just under 3 hours, counting the ride in from the house. We were also joined by Kid Chris and Brad Clark who I am certain carries a wallet like this. Needless to say, it was nice little ride.

The course was fun, but I'll be honest I miss the days where there were actually cards that you picked up at the five different stops. You know when the poker run was actually a poker run, not me paying to ride the trails that are basically my back yard and getting a raffle ticket. the trailspinners are a great group, lets hope the mend this great event for next year.

Say a prayer to the employees of all the Chuck E. Cheese's of the world tonight. I had the controlled chaos of those poor souls thrust upon me as I helped my 5 year old nephew party up on his birthday.

Seriously, pray for those poor people. I did have fun hanging out with my newphews. SuperChunk and I tore it up on teh rides:



be safe. Smile and wave.



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

161: packie

So I stop in the packie after my ride Friday night.

There is this friendly gentleman who greets me.

gentleman: " hey there buddy, how you doing?"

me: "great, it's the weekend, just finished a nice bike ride, I have the champagne of beer in my hand, how can I go wrong?"

gentleman: "you are a young man, how old are you son?"

me: " thirty-seven, thank you calling me young."

gentleman laughing, "you just married?"

me:" nope, been married almost 10 years, I have a wonderful wife..."

gentleman holding up his large bottle of vodka, kinda gives me the fish eye : "That's pretty good still drinking beer at 10 years, at 21 years of marriage it's vodka for me, I gotta drink this entire bottle just to look at her now..."

the cashier, laughing: "will you stop harassing this man, get out of here..."

we all laughed and wished each other well. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he was coming back for a re-fill and not his first run.

been riding the fuck out of Fairhill. Five of the last six days. I'm not trying to learn the course or pick up some secret line or something like that before the big race. In fact, here is my declaration that I will not be racing. Buddy T. Kegbreaker, Rotten and I have something else planned... Something far more sinister...

But I digress, Fairhill is that good right now. So good I can ride it 5 of the last 6 days, taking largely different routes, and I'm still looking forward to riding it again. It's that fucking good right now.

If you can make it out there you should, worst case scenario come to the poker run Saturday, best case scenario, come out and get lost in the miles, and miles of trail, and make your own adventure. You won't be sad trust me. It's that fucking good right now.

So with Dieter going to art school in the fall, whose gonna start a cross count down? Bilson? Rock? Kim? Zayne? Jim? I really need a countdown to cross...

be safe out there, and go ride fairhill. You can thank me later.


Friday, June 20, 2008

160: naked rear choke hold

“STEP INTO THE OCTAGON!!” my young nephew exclaimed has his stepped into the wading pool set up on my parent’s deck as he thrust his arms into the air victoriously.
“What is all that about?” my sweet sister in law asked us, as we all laughed at my nephew’s declaration. “probably some star wars thing or something.” My cagey brother replied.
My sweet sister in law nodded accepting my brother’s logic.
My gut was that my young nephew was clearly making a reference to Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as it’s rabid fans refer to it. I have to admit that coming from a wrestling family, I have found myself lured into watching a match or two. I enjoy the ground game, and physicality of the sport, but I’ll also admit the ground and pound stuff kinda makes me sick. The often bloody display is nothing short of barbaric from my standpoint. After watching a match or a part of a match, usually a brief stop on a channel surfing voyage, I feel as though somehow my humanity has been lowered a bit. You know like how you feel after watching a little Jerry Springer, Cheaters or porn.

“STEP INTO THE OCTAGON!” my young nephew repeated as the kids, who had been bombing around the back yard charged back to the kiddie pool to refresh on this hot summer’s day. We all kind of laughed at his action, it was really funny. We sipped our drinks, and watched the kids play some more, when out of nowhere my young nephew jumped on my parent’s dog, wrapping his arms around him, and yelling “NAKED REAR CHOKE LOCK!” We almost spit out drinks out as we grabbed him up off of the dog, in amazement. We tended to the family dog, making sure he was in fine order. My sweet sister in law, made sure her son would never utter the words “naked rear choke lock” or try such a hold on a pet or anyone again. After he walked away, we burst into laughter. Perhaps inappropriate, with the realization that no one was hurt, it was damn funny to witness.

I have to admit I remembered a time in my own youth were I leapt from the picnic table onto my younger brother sitting in our kiddie pool, on the same deck, yelling “JIMMY SUPERFLY SNUKA!!” it must be in the genes I tell you, in the genes.

Got together with the boys last night for a little ride. It was the first Thursday night Re-Todd ride I had done this year. The group was stacked: Todd, Buddy t. Kegbreaker, Peaches, BL Rich, Jeb, Wes T. Conqueror, Kurtee, Leo, Randall, a couple of other fellas and myself. Wes and I were running late and had to team time trial over to the ride. I pretty much blew my wad in that first 15 minute effort. The rest of the night was spent hanging on for dear life, as we twisted our way around the fine trails of the Fairhill Nature Center. Todd set as solid of a pace as I can remember in a very long time. I heard something like 12.5 average being thrown around after the better part of a two hour jaunt. The trails were superhero fast. The trails had Superhero traction.

Superhero fast + Superhero traction = Superhero fun.

Peaches and I were talking about my time trail position, and he shared with me that he was working on a new mountain bike position himself.

Graham Obee has the superman position. Peaches has the Invader position. Beautiful.

I’m gonna go put a cheeseburger in a naked rear choke lock now.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

159: See you in an hour or so...

A little less than a year ago Wes the Conqueror and I did a team time trial. The name of our team was Beauty and the Beast.

care to guess which I was?

Although we went into it with playfulness in mind, and we had a ton of fun, I realized that I really like the time trial game. With my spring season now a little more freed up, I really wanted to get some more TTing on my plate.

during last cross season, I talked with my teammate Disco about it. Disco is a pretty renowned time trialist, counting in his palmares a PA TT State Championship. I said that I'd like to take a shot at sub hour 40k. Disco advised me how hard that was, but also gave me his vote of encouragement, saying, " I know you could do it..."
Sub hour 40k, that means basically maintaining an average speed of 25mph for an hour. I have never approached anything of that nature, and in the shorter TT's I have done this year, the my best average speed was 23 mph. I have had my doubts.

It is with that background that I went to Church Creek with good form, and although my focus was the 24hrs of Big Bear last weekend, I felt that my fitness, my super sweet front wheel, and of course my team issue booties would give a good shot at meeting my goal.

As this week unfolded, I'll admit I was getting more and more nervous, and starting to stress what had started as really an ignorant comment, not realizing how daunting a sub hour 40 k would be. It was time to put up or shut up.

Standing in line at the port-o-lets with Auer, he comments, "you should do sub hour no sweat..." I responded, "I am sweating it, I have been all week, I want to have a good ride." He bolstered my confidence, "I mean if you didn't break an hour it wouldn't be that big of a deal..." I snarkly responded, "thanks Kris, no pressure or anything..."
Next thing I know I'm at the line. They ask If I want a hold, and I respond yes, as a large man comes over and hold me up.

I joke, "put your hands on my big boy..."

the official says, "20 seconds"
I ask her, "having a good day? weather looks good, should be nice for a little ride.."
she responds, "10 seconds..."
I keep going, "not a lot of conversation at the start house today I guess, guess I'll go out for a little ride, maybe an hour or so"
She responds, '5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go!"
I give her credit she never broke character, I really tried to get her to smile. No such luck.
I have caught my :30 man, my minute man, and am quickly closing in on my 1:30 man. I'm feeling good. I remember the words Mayhew said to me, "don't go out too " hard. Did I just go out too hard? I feel good, I press on...
I get stoked for a second thinking I only have 10k to go, then snap back to reality realizing and saying to myself, "hey jackass, 25 miles is 40k, not 25k" The headwind is nasty, I'm really working, pushing a big gear.
My junk is sound a sleep. Like laying your head on a pillow with your arm under it. All of it out cold. I always promised myself if my junk fell asleep I'd stop. Clearly I can't keep my word to myself. I'm rolling pretty good, 20k came up faster than I thought it would. I'm a really concerned about my twig and berries however. As a crosser/mountain biker, my style is really to change my position often, to stand up a lot throw the bike around. These things are the kiss of death in time trialing. So despite my boys being out cold, I stay in position. This is bad for my junk. I just hope it comes back to life in another 20k or so.
I catch my friend Jim. Jim has been on the horizon for me for a while, and in a twisty section I finally catch him. As I pass I startle him a bit as I whisper, "I love you Jim!" When Jim realizes it's me he cheers, "dig deep Marc! Dig Deep!" That helps. What lack of feeling I have in my boys, is more than made up for by the pain in my legs.
Got a bit of a tailwind, I'm pushing my biggest gear. Auer said at 10k, give it everything you have left and I am. My hands hurt from holding the TT bars on my road bike. I open then up for a second, then curse myself, "you're giving time away..." I bite my lip, and drive on. Is this damn thing over yet? please!!" I have a little vurp. Red bull doesn't taste good the second time around. I tell myself to hang on, puke after I finish if I have to...
I'm pushing my biggest gear, legs are hurting, breathing has finally slowed down, I push harder knowing the end has to be around the corner, hoping it's the next corner, tail wind in the end is a kind blessing...
I see the line 200 meters out of the last corner. I spin my gear as fast as I can, I cross the line with a sense of relief that it over. I have no idea if I made my goal, but I left it all out there. It's over. I stand up and break position for the first time in hopefully less than an hour. I think to myself, that was so much fun. Then I realize the pain coming from my crotch. It feels like someone smacked me with a 2x4. I envision the gym teacher from Beavis and Butthead "kick me in the jimmies!!"
My inner thighs are cramping bad, they never hurt during the ride, but right now I want to cry. My sit bones, which were clearly mispositioned on my road bike are screaming. I feel needles and pins in my frank and beans. I actually worry that I might get a boner as the blood comes rushing back into these parts of my body. I just imagine all the people thinking how much of a dork I'll be riding around in my skin suit with a wood.
Jim finishes up, and we cool down riding the 5 miles from the finish line back to our cars. I have to stand the entire ride back, because my crotch will not allow me to sit down.
I figure, it's over now, just sit back and lets see the results. Sadly, despite the sweet chip timing, the results were kind of a cluster fuck. I spent the last 36 hours stressing it a bit waiting to see my time. What if I was 1:01? that would be better then 1:00:01. I talk myself down, telling myself I did my best, it will be whatever it is.
Finally, my phone started blowing up, and E-town sent me the numbers 59:14.
59:14!! So sweet. Auer called and congratulated me, I left Mayhew a message "40k- 59:14 thanks coach." Karl Connley, who gave Sven and I fits at the Rockwood cross race last year won my class and San Sebastien from NCVC was second.
Did I mention 59:14 !?
Sunday I didn't ride because my ass hurt too much. Instead I went down to St Andrew's school to cheer on the potty mouth princess in her first tri. I mean all the support she lends me the least I can do is go out and cheer her on. It was great fun.


She killed it winning her age group. I was super proud of her. Maybe I should retire, and just go to tris to cheer for her!?
The tri scene was cool, totally different from what I am used to, very nice actually. PMP was awesome. Auer had a solid day too, finishing 2nd in his age group. Blair had a good today too , as did DCCoDer Joe Manning.
All in all a pretty awesome weekend from my perspective. Thanks to Heidi for the killer cookies Saturday, thanks to Monkey for waiting for me at the TT, she tells me that this event was the most boring she has ever watched.
Sanford and E-town, studs in their own right, cheer on their wives/future wives....
thanks for reading. (59:14!!!)


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

158: is it wrong that I take a photograph of you every where I go?

Tom Boonen. 16 year old girlfriend. Busted for Coke. Totally Rad.
I mean cooler than Ted Nuggent, or maybe even Brent Michaels.
When is he going to hook up with Paris or Pam ? Maybe he nails the troll twins next?
Probably not Euro enough for him.

How about a Vh1 reality show: the flavor of Boonen? The Tom of Love ?

My question is this:
Does that make him a cheater? I saw a couple of web sites blast him as a doper.
I’m not sure I agree. I know a couple folks who from time to time use recreational drugs.
I mean these are joe six pack guys like you and me, but they are racers, good ones too.
Does the fact that from time to time they use recreations drugs make them cheaters?

Does doing using recreational drugs make you a doper? He wasn’t coking up during competition,
It was purely recreational use. Partying it up, and doing a line or two right off his 16 year old girlfriend’s ass.

I get that coke is a little more serious than weed, but still it was used for recreation right? Recreation is recreation. Relaxation after a tough week of training perhaps?

Personally, I refrain from recreational drug use, because frankly when I got interested in it, I was 30 and figured if I hadn’t started smoking weed before I was 30, it just didn’t make sense to start at that point. That being said I’ll have a few beers from time to time. Is there a difference?

Alcohol which wrecked untold havoc on my family is legal but weed is not. Those from the faticus family tree don’t always know when to say when. It’s an odd cultural duplicity isn’t it.

For the record, the 16 year old girlfriend thing really creeped me out, way more than the recreation drugs thing.

As much as I like Boonen, he totally blew it on this one. Just a dumbass move.

The week has been pretty mellow. Body is fatigued from Big Bear. Happily got my rigid fork back on the bike. The bike handled so much better, felt so good again. Felt like I finally got my flow back. I wonder if I would have felt better had I rocked the rigid last weekend? Water under the bridge at this point.

Monkey and Breyla-la flogged me pretty good on a the mtb ride last night. My legs just didn’t have any get up and go, but it was fun. Monkey was riding mad with power. She had woke up from a nap and was pretty grumpy, but by the time we made it to shock and awe, she was throwing the serious beat down on me.

Sleeping lots, riding not so much, thank goodness mountain bike season is over.


PS: Luxy has two sets of Ksyrium tubulars for sale. One barely used, one a little more so, the newer pair has brand new flexus tires on them. Contact him at Deluxe bikes if you have any interest : 717-274-2508

Sunday, June 8, 2008

157:Western PA/West Virgina 4-Charm City 0

E-town end of lap one:


This is Dirty Harry's. They fueled by the Spreng family soundly put a foot in our Baltimore/Delaware asses this past weekend. Justin is a really good guy, and was a part of a sick fast team from Dirty Harry's who always put their best foot forward at the 24hr races. Good to them.

All in all we put up a good fight, but the western PA/ West Virgina boys did what I would expect them to do, which was hold court. The torrential down pours from earlier in the week left the course with many muddy sections, that required a lot of power, and solid technique. The Big Bear course is one of the more technical courses I see, and with the extra layer of slickness, we put up a good fight, but in the end the hometown boys really kicked our ass. had two teams. C3P0s (auer, johnny, e-town and I) and Young and the restless (young, norman, meatball, and Kennedy). The C3P0s finsihed 5th out of 10 expert men teams, while Young and the restless was 7th. C3p0s were 6th over all teams, and Y and R were 17th.
I'd like to think had the conditions been dry, as they were 2 years ago, we could have made it more interesting. But alas, there are no wouldas, shouldas in this game. Props to Dirty Harry's, Pittsburgh Pro, Wamsley Cycle, and CCCA. In the end I felt like we had our asses kicked, but had a great time. See full results here. And we got some props on the race blog, that should be good for the sponsors.

Personally I will admit I felt a little disappointed in myself. First Friday night a friend of Auer's stopped by and said she was making a beer run. She was going to bring me some High Life. Alas my mouth was watering for the champagne of beers. 8:00 came and went, as did 9:00, and 10:00, finally I went to bed, thirsty, and stood up. Completely disappointed.
From a riding standpoint, I never felt good this weekend. I think the mud neutralized some of the power increases I have made this year, and I never lived up the expectations of what I know am capable. Frankly, the legs never felt great, I couldn't stay on top of the gear. I wanted to do more, but I couldn't. My teammates really killed themselves, I did my best, but this weekend my best wasn't great. I was very proud of them all, but felt like somehow, I didn't hold up my end of the deal. Such is life. No excuses, I'll do better next time.

This is Tinker Juarez, Olympian, multi-time national champion, Endurance Racing Monster.
On my first lap, I saw him up a climb, and I attacked to him, and then I dropped him. So what if it was his 3rd lap and only my first. On my list of goals for life : drop Tinker on a climb, has now been checked off. SWEET!

I was so stoked to get this shot just before the start of the race. I climbed up the fly over and made Ethan look up as I snapped this picture. I started chanting in my best Chris Rock voice "E-town! E-town !" Sadly, E-town in a somewhat panicked manner informed me he forgot his tools, and that I needed to hand him off some...

PMP (potty mouthed princess) and I raced to the camp site, grabbed my tools and I dashed off to a far section of the course to meet E-town and pass him some tools "Just in case" something went wrong. Thankfully nothing did, and E-town came in the top 5 overall.

In this picture Mayhew gives me the finger as PMP gets ready to put her foot in Mayhew's ass for suggesting that a stripper getting a boob job is like a businessperson getting an MBA. You know because it's an investment in their career that will result in them having more green in their pocket.
I can follow that logic. It looks like to me that the new "granny" might have made an investment in herself that the old "granny" didn't have.

There were many great exchanges between Auer and Johnny this weekend. My favorite was this one:

Auer: "so we were at this party, and they had one of those inflatable things that you jump around in..."

Johnny:" Jesus, Auer, it's called a fucking moon bounce, a fucking moon bounce Auer..."
that was really funny to hear...

Mayhew did a great job wrenching for us. Here are his tools.
Yeah, that's a sweet espresso machine. Mayhew hooked us all up...

Monkey and PMP also did a wonderful job supporting us, making sure people ate, and had food to eat, and doing the all important math in the morning trying figure how many more laps we would get. Here Monkey chills in our sweet, sweet hammock...

My support system and a huge part of my nice spring season, PMP and Monkey, and My two Chrises (Mayhew and Auer). Mayhew has been excellent as a coach and mentor, Auer is an awesome team director and resource as well. The sitcom will debut after kimbo slice's next fight.


So here's my single favorite exchange of the entire race. Middle of the night, I'm finishing a night lap in my black Henry's kit. I roll into the exchange and find Johnny waiting for me. I call his name and he looks up. I pass the baton to the judge, scan out. Johnny is just standing there looking at me. He looks a little puzzled. I ask, "Johnny you okay!?" He looks up and finally realizes it's me. "Oh Crap!" Johnny exclaims as his scans out and proceeds to grab my bike and head for the trail. I ask Johnny "dude, you want my bike?" Johnny starts laughing, along with me, the official and the small crowd waiting for their next riders. "Aw man!" he smiles and runs off into the night, jumping on his own bicycle...

E-town after lap 5:


I had a lot of fun this weekend, really proud of my teammates, and our efforts, very grateful for all the support we got. Thanks for reading...

I'm going to finish my beer and go to sleep for a very long time now.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

156: 24hrs of West Virginia

24hrs of Canaan, 24hrs of Snow Shoe, 24hrs of Big Bear- will always hold a special place in my heart. For me this was the first “big “ race that I ever went to. From time to time I still watch the video of that race “24hrs of Canaan: night of the living dead”. Gunnar was a superhero for sure. Getting to met and race on team with him years later is still kinda surreal to me. That first race is what I believe hooked me on this sport. Sure, I had done a few local races, the Iron Hill Series mostly, but that trip to Davis was my first run to a really big race.

At that time, the 1994 the event had just moved to the Timberland lodge from downtown Davis. Additionally, the race was the only 24hr race in the country. As such it was a magnet for people all over the country to take part in this new style of racing. As a point of reference at that time there was no solo class- all teams. When I look back at that first trip, I have to laugh at the simplicity of it. Our team, Mike Brevoort, my brother Craig, Andrew Mein, and I were like babes in the woods. We had Diane along for support, and I think she would concur, that she was really no support. I remember being in awe when we arrived, and seeing all the teams, and the equipment. The scope of the event was amazing. We were all in awe, our eyes as big as saucers. Truth is even compared to cross nationals, I don’t know if anything has stuck me like that 1st year at Canaan.

On our pre-ride we had so much fun on the course. I just remember being amazed that I was going to be a part of this event. As rookies, we really had no idea what we were doing. Both Mike and Craig had their lights charged by the neutral station, that was grossly overwhelmed, both ended up having their lights go out on their first night laps. I remember poor Craig come back to the camp sight from like the middle of his lap during the race asking us what he should do. I think he wanted us to tell him to go to sleep, instead Andrew and I told him to go to Night Rider and make them give him a light. He did, and he crushed the rest of his lap. This was so long ago that Mike and Craig were both just graduating from high school, and skipped graduation practice to make the race.

Andrew tried to be the leader of our crew. Although he was the most experienced of us, he had never seen anything the scale of this race. He did a great job pointing us in the right direction, but I also remember how big his eyes were as he lined up with over 500 other people to start the classic le mans style start. Now a days that start seems a little silly, and the crowds fail to do it justice. I clearly remember thinking that it was one of the most amazing things I ever saw, surely on scale with the running of the bulls.

Other memories that stick out for me from that race were the high top football cleats that Mike was wearing with his toe clips and straps. Clipless pedals were still a pretty damn new thing. I also remember Diane and Mike fighting over her cooking for him. Perhaps even greater is at some point Mike lost the keys to his truck. This would result in us leaving Mike’s truck, and he and I driving back down Monday morning with a spare key… Mike’s brother Joe, and a couple of other friends came down late Saturday night, and hiked up into the woods and heckled folks coming down the final hill.

When I look at pictures of our compound, basically 3 pop up tents, I am amazed at the simplicity with which we attacked this event. Hell, that year our lights, 10 watts were cutting edge. I clearly remember seeing a number of folks with mag lights duct taped to their helmets. That was hi-tech at the time.

That was pretty awesome. I am proud to say that I have raced at 3 of the 4 venues for the 24hrs of West Virginia. I have done 3 at Timberland, 2 at snowshoe, and now my second attempt Big Bear. That first year we finished 69th out of 129 sport teams. We were so stoked.

In the years since, I am amazed at how the race has changed, how lights have changed. That year it was $40 a rider, this year it’s $140 for riders on a team. A 10 watt light would be used for commuting now a days, and no one would really consider it as something to race with. When I look back on that first race, I can easily understand why my love affair with it was launched. Over the years I have raced the West Virgina races with some great teams:

94: Andrew Mein, Craig Vettori, Mike Brevoort
95: Diane Crampton, Andrew Mein, Craig Vettori, Mike Brevoort
98:Andy Lowe, Bill, Karate dude
00: Jeanie Rengers, Ted McDaniel, MarkFitzwater, Jesse Epstein
01: Lauri Weber, Joey Thompson, Dan Chopko, Ted McDaniel,
05: Buddy Briggs, Matt Thomson, Andrew McDermott
08:Ethan Townsend, Johnny May, Kris Auer

Our campsites have grown, the rosters have changed, but the lure of this event still attracts me. I guess it always will. And so it’s with great excitement that Diane and I load up the toaster, and head out the country road once again to By God West Virgina, to the birthplace of 24hr racing, and really were I trace the roots of my love affair with team 24hr events. Some 25-30 team events later, I still find them to be one of the hardest, yet most rewarding styles of races that I get to do. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

155: public business

I had to drop a deuce in a public bathroom today. I know some folks have an issue with dropping in public, but as a bike racer having used my fair share of porto lets, It doesn't phase me too much.

The bathroom had a urinal and two stalls. It smelled clean, and in general appeared sanitary. I was pleased.

So I select my stall, walk in , pull down my pants and proceed to do my business. The bathroom is empty, which I'll admit I like. This should be a solitude affair and I'm pleased I have the room to myself.

Just then someone walked it. I could tell from the cadence of their walk, they had some serious business to do. I was just glad they didn't try to walk into my stall. the mystery bomber came sat in the stall adjacent to mine. I’m tyring to finish up my business when I hear him start some crazy sort of ritual.

It started with a deep breath, followed by a guttural kinda of growl, followed by the plop of a small turd hitting the bowl. Next, I’d hear him quickly turn around and flush the toilet. Quite for about 5 seconds, deep breath, guttural grown, plop, spin and flush, 5 more sections, and the sequence takes off again, deep breath, guttural grown, plop, spin, and flush. And again, deep breath, guttural grown, plop, spin and flush.

At this point, the RPF (rapid poopy flusher) totally had me thrown off my game, as I was shocked at the manner in which he was going about his business. Not really finished up my business, but totally freaked out, I cleaned up and made a high tail out of the stall. While washing my hands, I had the huge fear that the RPF would come out of the stall and want to have a conversation with me. I was so freaked out, I kinda made my mind up that I don’t want to know who the RPF (rapid poopy flusher) was. I don't want to imagine their face or their life.

Luckily I was done before he was… Damn how much water does he use to take a daily crap? Didn’t RPF ever hear of enjoying the entire body of work. Seriously weird. Maybe some kind of OCD?

In preparation for the weekend's events, I have a couple days off the bike. This is a good thing, it's been a while since I had two days off the bike. I have a ton of stuff to get together before the weekend too.

Last night I went climbing with Buddy, Rachael and Monkey. I always find climbing to be so relaxing. Buddy and I have been climbing a bit over our head lately, working this really fun v4 problem. We are both about 3 holds from the finish. It's pretty fun:



yeah sure we fall a lot, but it's on to nice cushy padded floor. Totally relaxing. Diane and Rachael climb circles around us.

I put the REBA on my bike. As much as I don't like the weight it adds, the handling still feels great, and over the long haul this weekend it believe it's the right move. That being said, I'll still pack my rigid fork.

I have to go play with my devil's haircut now.