Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chapter 63: a stake in the ground

Tom (papa smurf), Diane (chunky monkey), and I stopped of at the red fire house brewery in white marsh on the way home from Baltimore today. I had a delicious monte cristo sandwich probably the greatest sandwich I ever had in my life. Hot ham, and melted cheese served on Texas toast, which I am convinced is really French toast, but this must have been a “red” restaurant, and they didn’t want to use the term French. Tom enjoyed a fine Cuban sandwich, which is a pork, ham and cheese delight usually smothered with a spicy mustard. Diane went with a cup of Maryland crab soup, figuring when in Rome right? She also had a buffalo chicken wrap, but only ate half, I ate the other.

Did this thing today at Druid Hill Park, a bunch of people in lycra rode around the fields for like 45 minutes or something trying to see how hard we could beat each other up. My class had 90 people or so in it, and I was able to make 84 of them suffer more than me. The other 5 were 2 fast dudes, 1 fast chick, and 2 kids who are 20 years younger than my old ass. Hey folks, don’t you know senior abuse is a crime. Props to all. Georgia t-boned Ohara who had stacked in the first corner, I ran over her back wheel kinda by mistake, she passed me quiet fluidly on the second lap as a pay back.

Monkey had a pretty good day too. She was a little bummed that she passed more dudes than chicks, but she gutted it out and I was super proud of her. Cross is so hard. There was a little snafu with the scoring but Susie and Auer were totally awesome about the whole thing, totally class acts. Thanks guys.

Met a bunch of my new teammates on Fort Frames: Jeff, Zach, Greg, and Steven briefly, of course it was great to see Fergie, Wes, and the Yozells too. The Delaware Cyclocross coalition of Delaware was in full effect too. E-town did a lot of hard work for me, which I really appreciated. I also appreciated all the cheers. Fort James and Spot Paul did a dominate job in the pit for us, and making sure everyone was taken care of. Thanks to everyone who helped out in the pits. I didn’t get all the results yet, but it was a super good day for us. Results to follow. Sorry about the crappy pictures, we’re not being artsy just not too sure what the camera was doing.



Anonymous said...

I look like I've fallen asleep on your wheel...or maybe I passed out at the thought of being so close to your internationally famous chapped ass.

Great race today!

He to the B said...

Monte Cristo, mmmmmm.
Amy & I were in CO. a few years back for a wedding. We dubbed it the Monte Cristo trip. I had a Monte Cristo for lunch or dinner every day for five days all over the great state of CO. Some local micro pub in the Springs won.
Oh yeah, nice ride yesterday.

IF Chicks said...

Reading this post is
making me HUNGRY !!!!!

Congrats on getting out there and
having an awesome first race of the season. I am hoping to kick off my quest for world domination on sat.

Harlan said...

I can't tell who is who. Could you put little arrows with labels on those pics, or am I gonna half to start visiting enough to recognize?
Indy Fab sent me my sin machine. Can't wait to meet in the ring. Going to the Hamptons?