Sunday, January 16, 2005

It was awesome with a cast of what seemed like hundreds, a huge group of single track conesiors, showed up to ride from the Appleton lot, at Fairhill this morning. The cast included (hope I don’t miss anyone):

Todd F, Fuzzy, Ted, Alan the cleaner, Single Speed Dan, Keith G, Les, Kurtee, John T, Slick Rick, Biddle, Wayne, Andrew Mc, Leo

The trails were frozen, but where not quite 100% hard. Let me explain. The ground was frozen, and sure enough if you rolled across the trail, you would not change what the trail looked like in any manner, but somehow when you pedaled the ground felt spongy, almost like you had 2 flats. Had I not added air to my tires this morning, I would have thought that had low pressure, but alas I had, and thus low pressure was not the case. I looked at the trail behind me, where this wonderful group had ridden, and there was no trace. It was as if the soil at Fairhill was some kind of alien sponge energy robbing trail soil today.

Look, I’m not complaining, the trails were in phenomenal shape. Todd led us out of the parking lot and through the twilight zone trail. Our group moved through the section with skill and precision. This was the first time that anyone in this group had ridden in the dirt for a very long time, so everyone was taking it in. Slick Rick was so entranced by the trail that he inadvertently planted his head into a tree, and then stacked it hard. It was kinda scary as Slick Rick lay prone on the ground in, as my yoga tape says, “corpse position”. Perhaps more scary was when Slick Rick jumped up looked at Keith square in the face and called him Kurt. In later conversation Rick explained that he was looking at Keith, and thinking about his new curtlo, and thus spoke out “kurt”. It made sense…

We cut out of the twilight zone, and dove down towards the covered bridge. It was fun watching the group snake down this semi technical decent. Todd led the group up the ruins trail, where I was dropped like a bad habit. I made each of the quick little climbs up the trail, but could feel my heart, which had settled nicely into a sloth like routine, climb into my throat. Deep in my soul, I had hoped that I was dropped for good, but alas my execution would be stayed.

From the back of the group, it was wonderful watching the front of the group flow down and around the Fairhill trail system. Then my get up and go had got up and went. I couldn’t even see Todd or the other leaders. I was suffering, but loving it. As we rode through the mortal combat woods, I could taste a little vomit in my mouth. I was dropped again.

50 minutes in I realized, my day was over. The trails were great, I had fun, but I suck. I mean really bad. I had so much fun, but had nothing for the game. And so instead of smashing my head against a wall. I went home. 50 minutes is short, but as I pedaled back to the toaster, I was in bliss with the ride. I smiled like a fat kid with a piece of cake. May be next week I’ll make an hour!

Other happenings:

Diane and I went to Don Pablo’s my favorite pseudo Mexican chain restaurant. I got chicken tacos. They sucked and not in a fun way. Very disappointing. I had planned on getting buffalo chicken fajitas, but changed up at the last second. Try to live dangerously and you end up with suck ass tacos.

We bought a couple of dvds. The first was Dodge Ball, which was entertaining but not the high hilarity I had hoped for. Lance has a bitchen cameo that made me laugh. Vince Vaughn is king. Also got Napoleon Dynamite. Fuck that movie sucked. It sucked so bad I couldn’t watch the end of it. It was really the most horrible movie I ever saw in my life. If there was an award for the suckiest movie ever, this would get it. “IDIOTS !”

So although I sucked, my lunch sucked, and I watched a suck ass movie, it was really a good day. Rick checked out to be okay, and shit I got to ride my bike, hang with my wife, and play with my dogs. Life is good.


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rickyd said...

Good post and description of what the soil in our area feels like now.

You guys are a fast bunch. For them to put distance on you is like me riding backwards from the group!

But I did have a great time riding up there last year. I'll see if I can convince the guys down here to make the trek up to Fair Hill. Do you guys come ever come down to Gambrill or Frederick? Let us know so we can have a MASS ride.

You didn't like Napoleon Dynamite? "IDIOT!" ;) I thought it was slow and stupid, but funny, not unlike myself.