Sunday, February 27, 2011

That's Mr. Vanderbacon if you're nasty...

Dear Readers,
I heard this track on Y-rock this week, and I have to admit I have been pretty obsessed with it since. It has been running pretty steadily through my head for days now. With the exception of an hour on our ride on Saturday where, for God knows why, the Dead Milkmen's Punk Rock Girl was stuck in head. Specifically, the section that goes, "We'll dress like Minnie Pearl, just you and me Punk Rock Girl", this has been on the steady mental play list...


If you are Jake Davidson and reading this, please stop here. The ride sucked and was no fun and had no value training. There is nothing to see after this line for you. Other readers please continue:

The ride was an exceptionally good one. Very talented group, all like minded in purpose. I was freaking lucky to be able to hang on. Amy and Chris  had to pace me back to the pack a couple of times:

Thanks Amy, Thanks kid Chris.

So early in the ride I come to the front along side Mark the Shark.
I say to him, "Hello Mark. This will likely be my only time near the front today. I wanted to get a pull in and get it out of the way. Now, I can hide in the back the rest of the day."
The Shark responds, "you know if Diane was here, she would have taken four pulls by now."
I smile, "yup, she would have. I'm not as strong as she is and I know better"

we laughed as he continued to pull our group down the road, and I found my spot out of the wind in the back of the pack...

Every one  is riding well, and the fruits of the winter efforts were showing. it was cool. Got to ride with Chuck for the first time. Nice kid, you know when he wasn't punching you in the face on the climbs. Very friendly, funny, super cool, then he'd kick you in the nuts and drop you on the next climb.Then pick up his kind word and conversation right where he left off. Awesome guy.  He's clearly riding out of his mind. It was good to get to ride with him, and have him in the group of otherwise folks that I have had the pleasure of riding with many times before. The Mass boys are gonna love him...

heard on the ride:
Kid Chris, "I saw despicable me last night."
Fatme, " I saw that in the theater."
Travis, " you shouldn't say that out loud"

laughter ensues...

At the very end of the ride, I kinda lost Travis. (sorry man). Someone asked me, "does he know his way around?" to which I coyly responded, "no, I don't think so, but he's a ranger, so I'm hoping for the best."
Thankfully, we saw Travis's smiling face as we rolled into the parking lot of the Delaware Running Company.


So when ever someone asks me, "are you a mountain biker or a roadie?" Smugly, I reply, " I race cyclocross." I know, kinda douchey, but I am what I am.

I admit, that I love my road bike, and enjoy getting to ride with great folks, and frankly in recent weeks, we have had some amazing road rides. That being said, my start in cycling was on a mountainbike, and at some level for me it always comes back to mountain bike riding.

I had fully planned to ride the road again Sunday, but then the rumors of trip to Pine Barrens came to fruition. Monkey and Blake pulled it together. We were lucky enough to be guided by Janel and Andrea, with Travis, Blake, Monkey, Kevin and I enjoyed an amazing day. The Wharton State Forrest offered amazing trails, and much needed time back on the dirt. The fact that it turned out to be 15 degrees warmer than we expected and sunny was just an added bonus.

Not even a broken seat rail: What do you expect- fatguy on ti rails, what could go wrong?

But I digress not even a broken seat rail in the first mile, could keep me from smiling for the entire trek.

It was amazing there, they even had logs that were challenging to get over,(like Janel) but if you wanted to go around them (like me, because big logs scare me), you could. We have nothing like that in Delaware. Who would think of such an ingenius trail design. Logs you can ride or go around. WOW.

Okay, I'll stop being a douche. It was a great day, and really what Monkey and I needed as we have both kinda hit the wall with riding the road, and really hit the wall riding indoors.

This picture is to show the team director that I am actually wearing appropriate team gear, and I won't get fined this month.

Miles of smiles today folks, miles of smiles....

thanks again to my friends for a great tour.

best to you.

fatmarc vanderbacon or nasty

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fluffymarc Vanderbacon

Dear Reader,

Been a little quiet lately. Thank you for your patience and well wishes. Life bounds onward...

I fully planned on riding the trainer last night.

After a weekend of amazing rides with great people, I was pretty shagged out. I needed to spin very easily and in a controlled fashion.

Much to my surprise when I got home, Monkey had made a wonderful dinner. "go ahead and ride" she said, "we'll eat when you are done."

"Like hell,"  I quipped. We sat down and ate immediately.

 Dinner was wonderful and I ate in anything but a controlled and easy fashion. Pork with Sauerkraut, and roasted red potatoes. Amazing.

Layla picked up a few pounds in the past few weeks. Instead of calling her fat, we have been calling her fluffy... She's sensitive about her weight after all...

Fluffy of course inspired by this clip:

man, that always makes me smile.


Fluffymarc Vanderbacon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

and now for a little bit of JOY...

Tired of being sad. Time  to find some fucking joy...

Last night we were chilling around the house with Layla the crazy dog. As is not unusual, Diane and I are sitting on our couch watching some bad television . Diane was throwing the ball across the room and Layla would bring it back.

What the hell, if I can ride the trainer in the living room, what’s a little indoor fetch between friends?

Last night’s game started to take a different turn when I said to Diane, “ I bet you can’t throw it over the table!”

She smiled that cute devil may care smile at me, and proceeded to fire the ball across the family room to the dining area. The ball bounced on the table and cleared out a couple of water bottles and a thing of Teflon chain lube.

Layla brought the ball back and placed it in Diane’s hand. “ I’ll make it this time” She fired the ball again, this time with a little more velocity, but a similar result as the ball hit the table. It sounded like she was bowling as the various items that live on our kitchen table were knocked down violently.

The ball bounced onto the floor, and Layla brought it back to Diane. “nice shot noodle arm” I quip to her. Diane smiles at me, “one last shot” and she proceeds to fire away, clearing the table.

Layla chases down the ball, and places it in her hand. I smile at Diane and tauntingly say to her, “bet you can’t get it over the table and into the kitchen”

Again with the Devil may care look, as Diane winds up and fires away. First shot, she cleared the table, and through the small opening in our dining room, and into the kitchen proper.

“No way you can do that again…” Layla trots back into the room and drops the ball at Diane’s feet.

She picks up the ball, winds up and fires. Once again the ball speeds over the table, through the dining room and through the small gap that opens up to the kitchen…

Layla chases down the ball and excitedly brings it back to Diane. She nods at me, in gentle feminine chest thumping kind of way…

“No way you can throw the ball up and over the railing and up stairs.” I taunt her.

Diane picks up the ball, aims toward the upstairs and fires. The ball hits the top of the railing and bounces back the floor.

Layla grabs the ball and places it back in Diane’s hand.

“ a little more English” I say to her encouragingly…

Diane stands up, cocks way back and throws the ball as hard as she can. She fires the ball towards the second floor of the house. It flies well past the railing across the hall way and smashes a wedding photo that was hung in the walk way.

With the loud crashing of shattering glass,  Layla sits down obediently looking at Diane for some sign of what to do next.

Diane looks at me. I have to be honest I couldn’t tell if she was going to bust into to tears or laughter.

It’s been that kind of week, you know.

In a moment of pure emotion and joy, Diane burst in to tears laughing. I joined her as we both crumpled to the floor.

I threw out the mandatory “ You shouldn't  play ball in the house!”

We spent the next half hour cleaning up the glass shrapnel that was all over the hallway upstairs.

While picking up the broken glass from a wedding picture, Diane looked up, placing a sliver of glass into the box I was holding and with a smile and says to me, “Happy Valentine’s Day Baby…”

Fatmarc Vanderbacon

Sunday, February 13, 2011

heavy hearted...

My friend Jim sent me this :

"Got nothing to say that will make it feel better.  Losing a dog is like losing a human, if the human had never done anything in their whole life but be loyal and try to make you happy and show you how to enjoy simple things.  No words for it, other than be grateful for the good times you had."

Diane and I would like to thank all our friends and family for their kind words, messages, calls, hugs and tears.
Thanks to the folks that came out today and pushed us over hills, and kept us in good spirits. We are grateful to have so many awesome folks in our lives...

god speed Riley. god speed.

fatmarc and monkey

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm kinda fixated on this movie right now...

go outside this weekend, and then enjoy Scott Pilgram...


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

baby, I got your money.

This is my friend Wes.

This is my friend Dan.

Wes lives in DC.

Dan lives in Delaware.

A few weeks ago Dan bought one of Wes old cross bikes.  While Wes is in DC, and Dan is in Wilmington, I happened to be traveling between the two cities, well close. Wes brought me the frame in Leesburgh, I delivered the frame to Dan in Delaware. Dan handed me an envelope of cash to pass to back to Wes.

That's where the trouble comes in.  I clearly remember bringing home the envelope of cash. Then that's when the trouble gets started. I kinda lost the envelope. You know with the cash.

Don't tell Wes.


So I call monkey today and ask her, "hey honey have you seen an envelope of cash laying around the house?"

A friend from work walked by my office as I asked her this, she shook her head laughed at my question.

Diane replied, "sorry babe, no envelops stuffed with cash..."

don't tell Wes.

fatmarc vanderbacon

BTW, I found the cash tonight. We'll just keep that between us. Hopefully I can ride with Wes this weekend and get the cash out of my hand, and into his... You know before I lose it again...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

a classic queen bee ride...

Today we rode outside.

This will be another one of those boring basey road rides with pictures that aren't all that exciting.
It was outstanding. I have some great friends and teammates. Fuck it. These people are part of my family.
I am a lucky man.  Buddy, Kurtee, K-man, L-Web, Jeffy, Gunnar, Kyle, Jake, Charlie, Monkey, Ted Logic and Nancy rounded out a nice group of foks to ride with today...
Today we rode the classic queen b loop.  I was telling Gunnar, whether he wanted to hear it or not, this used to be a ride that was the learning grounds for many of the riders in our community. It was the place to learn to road race, to ride in a group. I pointed on the sections of the ride that were sprint lines and "peppy" sections.  I talked about the demise of the ride.
god I feel old. But fuck it, I like to pass on the stories. Sorry Gunnar, would have gotten Kyle, but you happened to be next to me in the pace-line when I started story telling...
Early in the ride, we rode past a church, and a large group of young ladies cheered and clamoured for us. Well, pretty obviously the cheers were for the the U25ers (Jeff, Jake, Gunnar and Kyle). However, they  were up front of the group doing the lions share of the work, and frankly missed the cheering. As masters riders it was our duty to acknowledge the young women. At the front, the young men kept the tempo pace moving.  K-man looked up at the rest of the masters men and said, "Rookies..."

we all laughed.

You know you can't do the Queen B ride with out the Queen B herself:
At the end of the ride Nancy smiled at Diane and I and said  "that was a great ride. Just like old times."
that was a good day.
I'm headed off to Buddy's Superbowl party this afternoon.

Rock and Roll.

fatmarc vanderbacon...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

better than the trainer...

It was one of those rides, where being outside was the most important thing.
Perhaps a small fuck you to the trainer as mother nature has hampered our ability to ride trails or even on the road.

A few loops around campus for a little recovery ride. So good for the soul.

The snow has driven the students indoors at the end of winter session.

Campus felt like a ghost town in some areas. It was kinda spooky in weird kind of bad zombie, post apocalyptic but not really kind of way.

And yes Diane was fined by the team for an inappropriate uniform.

Auer runs a tight ship.