Wednesday, March 31, 2010

episode 1402: out classed

got out classed on the smack down tonight.

I was out of sync.

no excuses. out classed. I'll do better next time.

but when I came home and found this, well I feel a little better about life...

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

099: what's your rub man?

Today was the Icicle Metric Century. In these parts it's a rite of passage, a marking of the calendar, a sure note that spring is truly upon us.
I was fortunate enough to have a great group to ride with today:

Conair, Slick Rick da Ruler, Buddy the Keg Breaker, Harlow, Shawn D,(C3ers up from Baltimore) Kurtee, Dennisbike, Michigan Matt, Ted Logic, Charley, and a friendly Klingon...

I have to admit, I expected to feel pretty good today. It was really quite the opposite. I never felt like I could get on top of the gear. Just struggled all day. Even downhills were hard.

Thank goodness for so many good friends to drag my butt around.


we'll hope for better legs tomorrow

btw, if you haven't seen the Fantastic Mr. Fox yet, I would recommend it.

Yeah, I'm a Clooney guy, and I like Wes Anderson, but damn that was a fine film...

thanks for reading...


Thursday, March 25, 2010

098: Great Valley and Bontrage...

My 5 favorite words:


Co-mingle always is nice to hear too.

When I first started riding 29ers way back in 2003, tire selection was slim. My Karate Monkey was one of the first KM to hit the shores of the US. I loved that bike. I mention that so you know I’m totally old school, and not some bandwagon jumper because that is totally the punk rock hipster thing to do, to let you know I’ve been down for a long time.

But I digress, at that time there were very few tires to choose from. Maybe 3-4. I ended up with some sweet Bontrager tires. I always loved those tires, the rubber was soft, the tread rolled well, and also it had enough tread so that you could stick it hard in the corners. For some reason, I gravitated away from those tires…
Last Month, I found myself fixated. No, fixated is not strong enough, lusting , yup that’s the right word, lusting after another set of Bontrager tires. You know I absolutely love the tires. They roll fast, stick well in the corners. I remember just last week saying to myself, that man I love this Bontrager moutainbike tire. I went as far to say to a friend, “you know I love these tires. I used to run Bontrager tires in the past, and I loved them then, I wonder why a went away from them?” Was it the Hutchinson Python that hit the market? Was it some new Ignitor that stole my affection?
Then Sunday, I remembered why I went away from Bontrager tires. As Jeffy and I were busy juicing my tires, and Stan’s goo shot out of the side wall and all over me. Bontrager sidewalls suck. They are paper thin, and even in a town like mine that doesn’t have more than 6 rocks in the entire trail system, and I know where each of them lie, I cut the sidewall. The tire is less than 2 months old. Not even 20 rides on them….

Slipped up to the Great Valley Training Ride/Crit tonight. 30 one mile laps. Fast, fun, I am completely sure that at one point during the ride that there was blood shooting out of my eyes.
the blood doesn't show in this picture, but trust me it's there...

The highlight for me was about 12 laps in I came around Kincaid to take a pull at the front. Kincaid, who is one of those guys that pulls the community together, and is fast as balls, and is an all around great guy in my book, Says to me, "nice work Fatmarc, keep it up." Pretty much made my night. Sure I took a few more pulls, and suffered to the finish.

Reality is that I could have pulled up, and gone home after that point and I would have still been stoked. It was a good night.
I'm guessing it was the same satisfaction the babe, you know the pig, felt when the at the end of the herding competition the kind farmer said, "that'll do pig, that'll do"

Great to see this guy too:
Legs kinda hurt now.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

097: spring bliss

so after a very, very, very long time Monkey has clearance to get outside on the bike in very small and safe incremental rides.

we are both very stoked. the rides have to be very controlled and she has to be careful to not re-injure herself.

we rode today, it was awesome.

Near the end of our loop we came upon a small group of dudes just up the trail from us. Diane was spinning nicely, but I realized we were closing in quickly on them.

I said to her kindly, "Diane.."

She sat up a little.

I followed up, "is it that hard for you to not chase those guys down?"

She turned back to me smiling and said, "it is, it really, really is..."

Diane was stoked to see friends out on the trail. As a cyclist, one of the challenges when you are injured is that you really feel isolated as you just don't see folks like you did in the past. this cycling game is social. Sad and demented, but clearly social.
I raced the Philly Phlyer this weekend. Here is my brief race report:

After siting in traffic on the Schuylkill for an hour and a half I end up at the venue with less than 30 minutes until my start. I'm a little frantic, but get registered. Thanks to D.Lowe for the notes on the course, pinning me, and generally talking me down. Lap started fast. I want to stay in the top 20% of the 100 or so riders. It's fast, I'm pretty sure I'll never see the front. Lap 2: see Lap 1. Lap 3 three dudes get off the front, I think 2 of the 3 teams that were well represented with numbers have riders in the break (Bike Therapy, Iron Hill, and Tri-State Velo). Final lap starts. IN addition to 3 up the road, a small break of 4 has formed about 15 seconds off the pack. I think this will stick, so I attack off the front, kill myself but with the help of a homie from Kutztown, we bridge across. As we head out of the venue and on to the course, the peloton decided that if a fatdude in a snow camo skinsuit on the first day of spring can bridge, then the break needs to come back. I pretty much figured that was the end of my day. I stayed in the field, and then as we climbed back to the finish I found myself in good position. I could see the light of day as we crested the final hill. Then two temple guys took each other out. then some guy swerved into me I think in reaction to the temple guys, and i screamed like a little girl, did some evasive maneuvers and pulled my foot out of my pedal.

So essentially with 1000 meters or so to go, I have one foot clipped in, shit in my pants because I thought for sure I was going to crash but didn't and pretty much everyone left in the field has just charged by me. Awesome. I rode it in and a nice kid from I guess it was Brown rode along side me and told me he wasn't going to sprint me. Nice kid those Brown guys...

Bad news, any chance for a nice result went out the window, good news I didn't hit the deck and my face doesn't have road rash.

another good day in the legs.

Philly Phyler Photos by Alan Rodinski...

Sunday, did a great mtb ride with almost everyone in Newark. Peaches drug me around all day... very fun... More here and here.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

096: beard today

beard today...
gone tomorrow...
Was that lame? Maybe this is better:

Snow more beard ?

At the end of the day, if you protest and you get what you want, in my case the snow to go away, and then I have up hold my end of the deal. I loved my beard, but much like the snow it had to go.

Biggest disappointment, it took Diane forty minutes to realize that I had shaved it off...

Further kick in the nuts, Peaches asks Rotten who the new kid is, pointing at me. Then he proceeds to ask if I was racing junior this year... awesome.
Had a wonderful ride with Peaches, L-Web, Rotten, and Leo. I have long thought that Buddy the Keg-Breaker and Peaches had some kind of mental link. When Peaches proceeded to lead our little group on essentially the same loop that Mr. Keg-breaker did last week my suspicions were basically cemented. When I brought it up, Peaches turned the loop in an entirely different direction. It was and outstanding ride.
On the way back to the car, we swung onto the back half of the up coming Fairhill Race Course, where Leo decided to show us just how badly he could slap us around. Abused by a 60 year old man. Ouch. that hurt.

all in all, not a bad Thursday...

Philly Phlyer Saturday... Gotta admit with the turn of great weather tapering as prescribed by the coach, didn't fall into my plans... I'll hope to not totally get my doors blown off... either way it'll be fun...

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

095: smack-delicious

Monkey: "hey babe, how was your ride?"

Fatmarc:" it was sick. Big group, total bawlers, the kids were flying... I suffered my arse off"
Monkey: "did you have fun?"

Fatmarc:" yup, in a sick self abusive kinda way, the smack down is always good like that, tonight was really fun. Neugebauer is freaking flying. He was totally killing it. The group was sick."
Monkey: "how did you ride?"

Fatmarc: "I fake it pretty good. I watch my P's and Q's hide out as much as possible. What's for dinner I'm hungry and totally destroyed..."

Monkey: " actually, I'm picking up a pizza right now!"

Fatmarc: "awesome, I totally love you so much."

Monkey: "from Rosa's"

Fatmarc: "seriously, "i'm picking up pizza is the sexiest thing you have ever said to me..."
Monkey: "how long until you get home 20 minutes?"

Fatmarc: "seriously, I might have a little chubby right now..."

Monkey: "knock it off, I love you see you when you get home..."
Sixty degree weather, warm and all the snow is gone.

the protest is rapidly coming to a close.
Beard observations:

Dude's dig it. They appreciate the ruggedness of it. the burliness. It does make this dude uncomfortable.

Chick's not so much. Most treat it with disdain. Amy (sharkete) was the only woman who was luke warm to it. Monkey despises it. My mother in law was the only one who liked it. I think it has to go.

Too tired to shave tonight... soon...

thanks for reading.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

094: NPH, Zabel, and Chorizo

Monkey and I were surfing Netflix's instant queue looking for something to watch:

Me: "Big Lebowski?"

Monkey: "not tonight..."

Me: "how about Dr. Horrible's Musical Sing along Blog?"

Monkey: "are you effin' kidding me?"

Me: "three words for you:"

Monkey: "what ?"

Me: "Neil Patrick Harris"

Monkey: "Neil Patrick Harris? Well turn it up!"

NPH is the ultimate entertainer...
If Chuck Norris was Neil Patrick Harris, he'd be better...

Saturday night we hit Ole Tapas...
The Chorizo and Mushrooms were outstanding:
the Spanish Fish and Chips were not my favorite, the chips were great, the fish was smelt, which was basically sardines. I couldn't really pull it off...
I did have a fine Banana Pudding dessert which I didn't get a picture of, because I was too busy eating it and couldn't get into my belly fast enough...

It was a wet weekend. Sunday was the second of the Wilmington Training Crit Series. The weather finally gave us a little break. The field was larger than a couple of weeks ago, and dare I say a little tougher.

Mrs. Consorto was officiating and was kind enough to pin me up...
I admit I also was excited to have a couple of my buddies in the race with me.

I was a little sad that the Uof D boys weren't here today. I mean really, is there a race in the WORLD more important than the Wilmington Training Crit? Really!? collegiate racing? You passed to glory of the Wilmington Training Crit for Collegiate Racing !? Okay, yeah I guess that makes sense.

Until another day my young rivals... until another day... For what it's worth, the reports of a crazy old man standing in front of the Morris Library calling out for the UofD cycling team muttering something about vengence... yeah, clearly not me.
Anyway, the race went well. Wes got out on a break early, Dennis, Ethan and I played disruptors, making sure he got clear. I had fun covering counters, I admit I was getting some really good work, burning up all of my matches.
With 7 to go, the brief reprieve we had from the rain ended in a big way as the skies poured on us. I switched from trying to be a disruptor, to trying to save something for the finish.
The rain was hard, and made the race a little more interesting. With 2 to go Rob Brown took a flyer and I covered, we got a little gap with the finish coming on quickly.

With 1/2 a lap to go I went to the front and led into the final stretch. I took off sprinting. My glasses were pretty much useless with rain covering them. When I got to what I thought was the finish line I sat up excited to held off a hard charging Rob Brown... Well not so much as Rob continued to sprint to the actual finish line, and past me. Good on him.

When I got back to the car, Ethan greeted me with a smile and a "you just got Zabeled..."
Again, lots of fun, and a great weekend...

I'll be honest, I'm looking forward to a little more peace and normality this week..

thanks for reading.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

093: the rumple fish

The fall out from a hard week is ugly. God bless my parents. Tough choices are made. I can be a selfish son of a bitch, but I can also live with that. At the end of the day life is about choices. i have made mine. I feel better speaking my mind. A friend used the term cleansed.

Will it change anything? No, probably not. Probably make things more isolated, and allow things to fester even worse... If that's possible. One thing is sure: I'm not going to put myself in that position again. Angst, yeah I get angst sometimes. Thankfully, I have some great brothers, friends and a wonderful wife to wander down this path with me.

At the end of the day life is kinda simple from this 38 year old's point of view:

Be a victim or control your destiny...
choose to be happy, or not..
life is short, don't waste it away..

being 17 was fun, being 17 for your entire life is just sad.

sure, I've been lucky, I've been fortunate... But I also believe in Karma, you get out of life what you put into it...

New Dryer today.
Finally some clean laundry...

Riley has had projectile diarrhea for the past couple of days. That was pretty fun. It's been a cycle of 3 hours, then explosion. I've taken to calling the poor boy "old faithful"... We tried to ride it out, feed him some rice, some bland food... After another long night of "old faithful", and some blood in the poo this morning and I took the kid to the vet. They don't believe it's a blockage, which is good news... Riley will get an overnight stay at the hospital, and my wallet will get raped. If he comes home happy and healthy tomorrow, it will be all worth it...
coach had me scheduled for a nice interval work out today. I will admit there are times when nothing burns away the angst and frustration like a good interval work out. But today, today I needed to see some smiling faces, and the comfort of good friends. Jay Jay, Peaches and I slipped out for a little fire road delight last night.
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for white clay fire roads w/ Jay and peaches

Today Buddy the keg breaker, Jebalicous, L-Web , Amazin' Andrew and I hit some top secret trails that were much better than I could have dreamed...

Damn it was good to see Andrew again...
despite being cloudy all day, when I headed out of the garage the sun came out...

bare legs, a sure sign that spring is upon us...
sometimes, sometimes it just take turning the brain off, and letting the body go to make everything work out alright...

thanks for reading.

proudly fatmarc

Sunday, March 7, 2010

092: worst sneaky person in world.

My brother is the worst sneaky person in the world...

It was a good weekend. Weather in the Mid-Atlantic Region was wonderful this weekend. The local community had a number of great rides. I didn't do a single one.

I did make a quick run to up to Western Mass to hang out with my brothers.

Why Uncle Faticus doesn't get to spend too much alone time with the kids:
The trip was fun. We had a great time down at the candlestick bowling alley.
I got this many pins all day:
bridge of flowers not so much right now.
we came back early today, and bought a new dryer.

total awesomeness.

maybe I'll ride the bike a couple of miles this week.

Bayle, my brother's dog made sure every beer bottle in the recycle bin was totally empty.

super awesomeness.

thanks for reading.


Friday, March 5, 2010

091: a protest of sorts

Monkey: So what’s going on with all that facial hair?

Me: What are you talking about?

Monkey: what do you mean what am I talking about! You haven’t shaved in weeks, you have a beard!

Me: It’s not a beard.

Monkey: What do you mean it’s not a beard?

Me: It’s not a beard. It’s a protest.

Monkey: Hair on face, covering your entire face, looks like a beard to me.

Me: It’s not a beard. It’s a protest.

Monkey: protest of what?

Me: protest of snow, I’m sick of it. I can’t handle it so I’m not shaving until it’s gone.

Monkey (with a coy smile) : protest huh?

Me: a protest.

me: (continuing) When the snow is gone so is the beard.

Monkey: That’s better than what I thought…

Me: please explain?

Monkey: I know you’re getting together with your brothers this weekend, I didn’t know if it
was one of your guys silly feats of strength.

Me: hmmm. feats of strength are not silly, but my beard is strong. Perhaps two birds with one beard?

Looked at the ole GPS from the crit last weekend.

I didn’t quite get this corner nail down so much last weekend…

Okay this one was a little better…

Spent the evening in half wheel hell with Shark and sharket. Fun ride. More fun when there was a tail wind. Just sayin' ... I am a broken man this morning...

On the upside somebody got a CAT 3 Upgrade today! Who could it be ? hmmmm...

Happy Cinco de Marcho... Thanks for reading…