Sunday, February 28, 2010

090: Charles always becomes Chaz....

What was on the menu this weekend?

It all started with a wonderful bowl of tortilla soup.
Followed up by three tasty tacos:

A heaping serving of Cage the Elephant:

and for dessert a couple of wonderful rides:

Saturday Dennisbike, Rotten, Chappy, Sanford and I did a nice 3 hour ride for about 50 miles or so, weaving our way around locust point and the thriving community of Chesapeake City.

Chappy and Sanford were a little cautious about the snow shower and the road conditions just before we left and rode their full suspension mountain bikes for the ride.

those motherfuckers never pulled through.
I mean, they did the same 50 miles on their full suspension mountain bikes that I did on my road bike, and yet they just sat in the entire time. I mean... I mean wow... that was actually really impressive. I would been off like a prom dress... Nice job guys....

Speaking of being dropped, Sunday I did the Wilmington Training Crit.

I had fun racing in the small maybe 15 person field. Got some good work in. I tried to stay near the front and do some work, keep the pace moving. Perhaps to my detriment, as in the final two laps the University of Delaware Cycling team pretty much used me up like a $2 dollar whore on bring your roommate night. In the end, they took the top 2 spots, and I think I rolled in 4 or 5...
Hey you fuckers, I am Alumni ! How about a little respect for your elders, a little kindness?
Score college kids 1, old dudes 0...

throwing dirt on my grave you little bastards...

the course was super tight and short, not a great finish area, but the smaller field kept it pretty damn safe.

I think we did a million laps or something. It was awesome fun... It was wonderful to be outside, and to feel alive again for a few days...

Etown showed up too, just in time to lock my keys in the car... Super awesomeness...

love that guy, great racing with him again...

thanks for reading.


Friday, February 26, 2010

089: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Some days I wake up with a fire in my belly and a clear vision of the goal. The disappointments of the past are fresh in my memory, the reminders of the times I came up short, when I fell short of my expectations. These memories sprinkled with the euphoric feelings of my best days drive me forward.

On these daysm, my desire to improve, and become a better cyclocross racer cannot be contained. I have some events on my calendar for this spring. Silly little bike races, but I’ve committed to some pretty spectacular people that I would show up and bring my best, be prepared for the task at hand. I won't let them down.

Then some days I wake up like today. A broken man. I refused to do another interval work out on the trainer. I refuse to rack up hours riding the rollers in my kitchen.

The snow, the snow very well might be crushing my soul. My desires to be faster, smarter, better, are squashed by the soulless activity of indoor bicycle riding.

Some mornings I can trick myself on to the trainer, and talk myself into my efforts.

Today, I cannot.

Tomorrow will be a better day.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

088: this is chad...

Swapped a couple emails with one of the local bawlers. This is a quote from our latest correspondence:

"I just like it when you are on rides. You help animate it and make it interesting. You are willing to work hard and blow yourself up trying to push the pace."

So either that's a compliment or I'm a totally a tactical moron.

My rules for bike racing:
Rule 1: Cardio

Rule 2: Beware of Bathrooms
Rule 3: Seatbelts

Rule 4: Double tap
Rule 15: Know your way out
Rule 17: Don’t be a hero
Rule 18: Limber up
Rule 31: Check the back seat
Rule 32: Enjoy the little things

Great for bike racing or surviving a zombie break out.

I love mexican coke.
Even when it's bottled in Georgia...

thanks for reading.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

087: bedbugs and ballyhoo...

No parking?

no problem:
thanks to Mike Mihalik for introducing me to my new favorite skater Richie Jackson.

So Diane and I have this rule, when one of us rides and the other isn't there at the end, we call each other and just let each other know that the other one is safe, and you know alive.

This rule is even more important when the conditions might be extra sketchy, you know like if there was a blizzard or something, and the roads might have a little snow or ice on them...

I didn't ride out of the house this weekend, so when I finished up my ride and I gave Diane a call. It goes to voicemail.

I think to myself, "that's odd, I know Diane is home, I hope she's okay..."

five minutes later she calls me back.

Diane, "he babe, how the ride go? you on the way home?"

Me: "it was hard, I am destroyed, why didn't you answer when I called? you okay?"

Diane, "yeah, fine.. I just couldn't get to the phone..."

Me: "oh, were you in the shower or something? you didn't call me back right away?"

Diane: "oh, no... I was on the couch knitting..."

Me: " what do you mean you were on the couch?"

Diane : " I was on the couch, I heard your ring, knew you were safe so I didn't rush"

Me: " what the fuck?

Diane: "what's the issue?'

Me: "Next time lie to me. Tell me you are on the can, in the shower, getting the mail... not sitting on the couch..."

Diane: " your kidding right?"

Me: "seriously lie to me..."

we both started laughing...

The ride was tough. Essentially 3o miles out, and 30 miles back. Sadly, the way out had a nice tailwind, the way home all headwind. On the way out I went back for a couple friends that dropped off the group to pee, and as I helped to pace them back i realized the legs were pretty empty, and with 30 miles of headwind facing me, I knew it was gonna hurt, and I better save some matches for the awful headwinds on the way home.

On the way home we had a five man rotation at the front Shark, Wilson, CZ, Bianchi Mike and I. I cracked with about 5 miles to go. The kids kids were kind enough to make sure I made it to the car...

Damn it felt good be on the bike outside...

headwind was evil today.

best to you.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

086: the silver fox no more

All that California Livin' is getting to the Janner:
Diane and I went shopping for new glasses for her the other day.

I like shopping with my wife on pretty much all occasions except for one: when we go shopping for glasses.
What originally was, “can you take a long lunch today and help me pick out glasses?” Quickly became a half day off of work, 2 optical retailers, and 2.5 hours of my life that I will never get back.

I’m helpful, and make suggestions, but in the end Diane just ends up pissed that we can’t find the right frames, and I’m pissed because she has tried on every pair in the damn store. TWICE.

Diane repeats the mantra “We gotta get this right because I have to wear these glasses for the next two years…”
She doesn’t like my mantra “you can never go wrong with the sexy librarian look…”

On the way to our second Optical Retailer Diane had this exchange with our insurance company;

Insurance Company: Hello, you have reached your insurance company please feel free to use our automated system, please say your name..

Diane: “Diane V”

Insurance Company: How can I assist you? Billing? Locations? Pre-approval? Speak your selection

Diane: “locations…”

Insurance Company: I’m sorry I didn’t understand, can you please say your selection again?

Diane: “Locations please…”

Insurance Company: I’m sorry I didn’t understand, can you please say your selection again?

Diane one more time, : “ Locations”

Insurance Company: I’m sorry I didn’t understand, can you please say your selection again?

Diane, clearly frustrated; “ MOTHERFUCKER ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!???”

Insurance Company: instantaneously, “ Good morning my name is Jill, thanks for calling your insurance company can I help you out?”
I wonder if the Insurance Companies Automated system is programmed to transfer immediately if someone Drops the F-bomb, or right to a top rep if some sister drops the MF Bomb….

Since it’s all snowy and I’m not really riding anyway, perhaps I’ll start a new mission of calling companies automated systems and cursing at them and see what happens….

The new Embrocation Magazine in coming out. I wrote an article for it a while ago. I loved racing against Dunn when he was out here. Great guy, We have completely opposite styles, which made racing in groups together extra fun. He called me world famous. Who knew?

Also, I’ve been working on this: Delaware Cycling Hall of Fame.
The best part of this is that so many folks have sent me great emails with stories about riders, folks in the DE Community. I was also honored to have a number of folks give me reasons why I should be on the list. Not sure I believe I really do, but as some else said, If you made the rules, you have to follow them. I’ve also had a number of folks say how much they enjoyed reading stuff from riders on the lists That I spammed to gather this info…

Then again I had someone tell me it’s the biggest circle jerk in the world too. I think there is a good point to had there too. With a couple of exceptions, we are all master’s racers, and hopefully we don’t take ourselves too seriously…

Maybe I’ll hold off on the new HOF tattoo?

I had a nice ride with tonight with Mark the Shark, CZ and Amy. A couple times CZ would come around me after I was on the front for a bit, I thought he was rotating through, but then he just keep going up the road. So much for wheel sucking... Sounds bitchy, but actually it was funny, and I was stoked to have such a good ride... Fun ride, just frankly happy to be out of my basement...
Thanks for reading.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

085: Prehistoric Gecko

I was thinking that perhaps I should develop a new passion. A new hobby, something not so dependent on the weather. Something that I could do indoors, and not feel like I am partaking in some soulless activity. Something like Skee Ball !
Luckily for me, Tom Mc was hosting this years DCCoD prom at his place this past Friday night. And what should Tom have in his basement? That's right, Skee Ball! There was some pretty intense balling going on. Benny da Jewlar, YOUR MAC CUP 2/3/4 35+ Champion, is a pretty great Skee Baller too. Linda L. seemed to rule the roost as well.
Tom, thanks for founding the DCCofD...
Scooter's peppers were awesome, I have to admit...

Keeping a back up plan in mind, you know in case the Skee Ball thing doesn't work out, I did get outside for some miles this weekend. Saturday Dennisbike, who had a sweet slide show at the prom, and I wandered around the roads of fairhill on our mountain bikes. Sunday, Buddy, Peaches, Rotten, Mark S, Michigan Matt, and I did a similar ride around Newark. It was lots of fun, although I will admit, I was pretty destroyed when it was all said and done.
Peaches' cross/commuter/all weather bike was BAD ASS.

While not fast days, these were hard, but fun days.

The payoff for my hard work these past two days:
Southwest skillet w/ bacon ...yeah...

And I wonder why I can't get back under 175lbs...

happy valentine's day;

Thanks to Regan/Wes/Savanna for the sweet valentine... I really like what you guys are doing here...
thanks for reading...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

084: for Adam

I dedicate this newly shoveled out mail box to my friend, Adam Szczepanski.

Lets ride soon okay Adam? Or at least get together for Dinner and drink too much...

I wasn't angry this morning. Really just impatient. I wanted to be done with this
shoveling. I believe I'll have some clean up to do tonight...

off to work at the clog factory. Someone has to feed those magic little elves...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

083: Call Barney Stintson

I like to shovel angry.

I hate snow. I hate that it means more trainer time, and tougher days at work and less fun for me. Shoveling is not fun, but I try to attack it with some energy and make the most of it.

Usually I throw on the MP3er and with a little luck Hank Rollins will pour through my ears and help fuel my fury of snow removal.

As I came home Monday night, I felt pretty beat. While I love Buddy's Superbowl party, every year the Monday morning after I find myself questioning the logic of starting to drink at 5:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday night.

But, I digress, I came home looking forward to a peaceful evening of slight hang over recovery. Perhaps a movie delivery from Netflix to help pass the evening. Much to my dismay, I realized my mail man passed on delivering our mail today.

Over the years, I have really come to not like my mail man. The guy is straight out of Chevy Chase's Funny Farm. Seriously, it only took the rat fucker a year to realize our address is 38 Happyview street, not 39.

But I digress again. That lazy 1984 Chrysler K-Car driving fucker... There was plenty of room, easy access to my mail box. Sure there was a little snow if front of it, but nothing that his US Postal Issue K-car couldn't handle.

So tonight, much to my dismay, I got home and found the mail man took a pass on his responsibility. Fucker.

What ever happened to "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds?"

Just sayin'
With another storm prepping to dump on Cecil County, I figured if I didn't make the area around the mailbox pristine, or we might not get mail for the next two weeks.

rat bastard.

Mailbox totally clear.

I like to shovel angry.


Monday, February 8, 2010

082: throw the world off your shoulders tonight Mr. Smith...

Living in a college town has it benefits. Good restaurants, open minded people, a diverse group of folks looking to learn about the world and share their wonderful thoughts and ideas. Art and expression. Like the great kids, who in the midst of our blizzard in town had this to share:

Deep thoughts like this:

and this:

and this:

and because it's always important to sign your work: Andru?


Did a lot of shoveling this weekend. Lots of trainer riding too. Blah... Way too much trainer/rollers this last week. I'll hope for something better in the upcoming...

dogs dig the snow:
lots of nap time on snowy days...

Buddy's Superbowl is an event I look forward to, and never miss.
This one didn't disappoint either. Funny how at the beginning I was the only person who said that they were routing for one team, but at the end it LWeb, clearly pulling for the Saints, was giving a"in your face" to me. I respect how hard Payton Manning works. I'm not a Colts fan, or really a football fan, but you have to respect a guy who works his ass off. Maybe next year Payton...

Thanks to Buddy and Rachel for another great event. For the record 5:00 on a sunday is never too late to start drinking...


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

081: I used to live with Leonard before I knew you...

So Diane and I are playing ball with the dogs in the house. Yeah, I know Ms. Brady would be pissed. Layla is generally the faster, more aggressive when it comes to getting the ball. Often times if the ball gets into a spot that she can't get it, Riley will get it out of the tough spot, and then she'll take it from him and bring it back. Total bitch move...
Anyway, Diane and I sat on the couch, throwing the ball and the dogs are chasing. Normal stuff around the house. After 20 minutes or so, we throw the ball up over the railing and on to the second floor.
Layla was immediately confused, I'm guessing not connecting that the ball was now up stairs. This despite the fact that she regularly stares down on us from up stairs. Riley charged for the ball. I just got done saying, Riley usually isn't the smarter of the two, but clearly he knows where upstairs is...

Riley comes back with a toilet paper roll in his mouth... So much for being smart dogs... Labs are wonderful, warm, great dogs. But they aren't all that bright...
Hoping to get out on the bike tomorrow.
We see how that goes...
thanks for reading...