Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can I get a hey now !

I'm  pretty stoked to do the Philly Time Trial Saturday morning.
I saw the start list.
 Good news:  I am the last Cat 3 off. That's a relief in that none of my competitors are behind me.
 Bad news: The cat 1/2 are starting right behind me- UGH!

I'm kinda expecting to get crushed on my road bike anyway, but...

Starting at :30 second intervals, what's the over/under on how many cat 1/2 pass me? I'm guessing three...

Really Fun ride at Fairhill tonight, we did a couple laps of Sunday's course, which is fun, and fast and flowy... We'll see how my legs feel after a 8 mile TT....

Photo blog starts now:

a good look at the size of our group tonight... fun stuff

things start to get fuzzy at the top of the hill. pretty normal for me...

"it's just a derailer hanger, it's just a derailer hanger..."

still pretty sizeable as we picked up Breyla-la and head out for  #2

In all seriousness, getting to train with Nick has been really good for me this year, I always feel like his on my shoulder saying, we can go just a little harder... just one more hill....

Jeremy is talking about doing his first race this weekend... in the expert class. "I  ride with experts, it wouldn't be right to race anything else" -Hmmm Travis H. you need to meet this kid...

here's an awesome picture of my dog...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Townie: the final days of the Post House

I am a townie.
I grew up in Newark. I went to school in Newark. I still essentially live in Newark. From the time I was 14 I spent my afternoons and evenings skating, riding, hanging out and frankly just watching the town. I admit I enjoy all that a college town brings with, even if I don't always like the college kids. Despite having easy access to a multiplex with high tech chairs and 3d films, I prefer to see movies in the 3 theater Cimema Center. I enjoy parking the car and walking down main street deciding where to eat, and enjoying the walk.

I remember the Newark Pharmacy, Roy Rogers,  The State Theater, The Malt Shop and when Rainbow Records was at it's hey day. I remember hanging outside the stone balloon when Metallilca played there, and the Ramones. While I enjoy Panera, I remember goodwill. Lots of buildings, businesses have changed over the years some for the better of the town, some kinda just homegenization of our town, and some for the worse.

The Post House is closing this month. The Post House that offered years of hangover recuperation, years of outstanding scrapple, and frankly the old time diner breakfast, that really no matter how hard IHOP tries, it just can't deliver. I understand the owners are looking to retire and move on. Good on them.

I will admit, I'm particurlly saddened by this most recent closure. I'm sure the "bucket of frozen yogurt" place they put is will be nice. But Post House, Post House you will be missed.

fatmarc the townie...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Great Day at Granogue

Today was an amazing ride.
An amazing group to ride with on trails that are limited in access (the Granogue Course) and just a great fun day. The course is in amazing shape, and I was stoked to be met by friends and race volunteers: Benny Da Jewlar, Buddy the leg breaker, Nick Sears, Dennisbike, Joe Bothell, Jake Davidson, and Travis Harnish. Pretty quality group.

It was a great group. Riding up Weymouth's is was a little greasy. We rode one section a number of times as we struggled to clean it. We were cheering for each other and whooping it up a bit. Fun stuff. I believe Jake, Nick and Travis did end up cleaning it.

Up the Koppenberg the final time, Nick, Jake and I found ourselves off the front a little. I have to admit I was working hard to stay with these two. At the rail road tracks Nick looks over at Jake and smiles saying, " you race in the elite class for Mass races right?" Jake nodded at Nick smiling, indicating yes, and then Nick stood and put in a little attack, with that Jake stood and responded.  I went to the engine room, but nothing was there. The young bucks had left the fat old man on the steepest pitch of the Koppenberg.

As the climb leveled out a bit, I bit my lip and try to spin up to my compatriots. We enter back onto the cross course and climb towards the famed Granogue Tower. I feel my heart beating 170+ beats per minute, I stand trying to get across the gap. Nick is now out of site. I try in vain to make it up to Jake, but it's not enough...

I round the tower to find Nick and Jake waiting for me, Nick nods and tells me good job. I try to sputter out a response but only spittle come out of my mouth. Must breath....

We smile as the rest of the group joins us, and we finish up the lap.

Like I said, it was an amazing ride...


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Predictably Lame

From time to time I interview people in my role at the Clog Factory. I spend a lot of time working on my question repository, and I’m often looking for new questions and interview techniques.  This can sometimes lead to me shooting Monkey some questions and her answering them as an interviewee would. Last weekend I was peppering her with a number of questions. Just some good drills, I have to admit Monk was killing it. Sadly she’s been laid off a few times over the years, and frankly is a strong interview. After about 20 minutes of back and forth,  I dropped this question on her:

“Please give me three words to describe yourself?

Monkey looked me dead in the eye and with a straight face said, “HONEY BADGER MOTHERFUCKER.”

I figured this meant our interviewing practice time was over.

Granogue is getting Rad.
I’m looking forward to getting some miles on the course this weekend.
It’s going to be a great race.

You should register here.


Team Attack Formation Seven.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bike Ridin' and Stuff

Got to see the O's take down the Yankees last week. It was a great game...

My Favorite Beer Man...

He appreciates my support.

Had a good group of Yankee fans to talk smack with all evening. Friendly smack. 

Thursday Night Posse In Effect: Dennis, Pricey, Adam the beginner (HA), Nick,  Joe, Pipes, Matt, Dave , Ted Logic, Tim,  Michigan Matt, Jimmy V and Adam the Hokie.
4 park ride on Saturday was Buddy the leg breaker, Kid Chris , Monk, Jen Sears, Nick, Brian, Tom, and Lauri...

out of carpenter and heading to Redd Park...

Beautiful Day..

 New Singletrack Climb which replaces an old field climb at 16 minutes... Course is riding great we have some grass to cut but it's the best course yet...

I have to be honest I think this video makes my butt look big...

Down from the greenhouse to the end... Weymouths (the former sport expert loop, is riding really fun. tough climbs but much more flowy)... lots of

course was really fun, and I had a great group of folks to ride with...

grab a couple of buddies, or maybe just one, or maybe go solo and register here

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ride of Silence

that's it.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

4 Parks...

In the middle of the night Diane pokes me and wakes me up.
"Honey, I feel really tingly."
"Awesome!!" I think to myself. Hell, it's the middle of the night, I'm pretty tired, but hell if my wife wakes me up because she's tingly, who am I to blow against the wind."

I roll over and give her a big smooch.

"get off of me you Jackass! I don't feel good! I feel tingly and my stomach is killing me!"

Oh, yeah, I get it. I knew that. What can I get for you, a glass of water? What do you need?
Monkey took some Tums, and drank some water. A big dose of stress and black beans were not ending well for her. We finally went back to sleep.

Early Saturday, Monk, Nick and I headed out for a quick 4 park ride. It was tons of fun. I'll admit, I'm at the end of a block, and my legs are pretty destroyed. I was looking forward to a nice mellow ride through the trails of the area. Monk, however, had other ideas. I kept thinking she's gonna back off a bit soon. She's gonna back of a bit soon. Damn she didn't until the final climb.

As we came up to the peak of the final climb, I dropped back a bit and smiled to here and said, "honey, I feel tingly..."

ouch. fun day.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Some Kind of Wonderful

A few years ago I was having a conversation with my friend Cheryl about the cyclocross movie Transitions. I said that I didn't really like it because I had a lot of respect for Myerson, but couldn't handle seeing him whine so much. Cheryl looked at me and "well, isn't that the point? I mean isn't that what cyclists do? complain and whine? Isn't that why everyone has a blog?" I was speechless. She was right. Sometimes the truth cuts close to home sometimes...

So that being said, I had a brutal week, which I'm stoked about but I'm also stoked is behind me. Here some of the stuff that happened this week:
  • I got my final grade for my first class. It was an A+. I got 2 A's in my entire undergrad career so to get an A+ in my first grad class, I'm pretty stoked. I worked my ass off, and I'm very pleased.
  • Started my second class, (micro/macro) which I really enjoyed.
  • I went to a Phillies game with Monk, Travis and Blake. Yup, they lost but it was still very fun. I love hanging out with those guys. 

  • I went to a ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Conference in Washington DC. The conference was awesome. Working for an ESOP company is pretty damn rad
  • My brother Craig is now  on Facebook. You should totally friend him.
  • While in DC, got to go on a sweet bike ride across town, which was cool in of itself, and then met up with Mr. Wes Schempf who I followed around on the Goon ride. Let me say, I don't know why but the Goon ride is soo much fun. This was my second Goon ride ever. It ain't the safest ride in the world, but man it's soo fast, and hell, I feel like I have to watch where I am in the pack the entire ride, and really have to pay attention to everything that's happening. When it's over I'm physically and mentally worked, but so stoked.

  • Even better than riding with Wes, was getting to have dinner with his awesome family. Benner is so rad. It was great to see Savanna and Regan too.  Regan made an amazing dinner. Benner barfed on me. It was the perfect night.
  • Diane cut off the top of my ear when cutting my hair. Okay, maybe that's a little exaggeration. But really not much, the haircut looks good, but who knew that getting a haircut would be a blood sport.
  • I got lost in a parking garage on my bike in DC. That was awesome. I rode around 2 floors before I finally found my car, and could but my bike away and go to bed. Small dart of fear thinking my car was stolen
  • Sadly, I will not be racing French tomorrow. I had kinda planned on it, but this week has been exhausting. I just can't see that ending well. 
And so, that's how it went. Didn't feel like I had time to catch my breathe. But that's okay... It was a very good week. 

thanks for reading.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Iron Hill...

Didn't race today. In a year where I planned to not race, I realized that I've raced 3/4 of the last weekends. So I didn't race. I'm cool with that...

that being said, Diane and I were among the many folks that came out Saturday to help set up the course that was the vision of Dennis Smith. It was a beautiful day...

Race Day, Monkey and I had the pleasure to get to run the kids race. It was rad. Thanks to Blake and Peaches for their help...

Photo Blog Starts here:
Diane in the recovery room. Don't tell her I posted this.

Setting up the course w/ Dennis and Charlie

L-Webb and Charlie


packing bottles for the kids race.

very good bottles.

bacon. not in the kids bottles, but in my belly.

cheering for the racers!



Lemans Start for the final kids race.

kids to their bikes...

blake and monkey

staging one of the age groups


really the front row...
(not racing this year)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


About 100 years ago, when I was in college when you wanted to get your grade on an assignment or a test, you had to wait for the professor to pass it back to you or, perhaps go to the department office, look for your score posted to a bulletin board somewhere. Generally speaking, you didn’t expect those grades quickly, and at the end of the semester, I usually just waited to see what the final grade was as it came in the mail. It was generally a C.

Fast Forward
In my new school experience, everything is on line.  Simply logging into school website I can plug into my grade up to the moment. This is pretty cool. I liked being able to see my grade, and play with the calculations to see what was left, and how I could improve my overall score. Totally geeky, but I doubt any longtime readers are surprised at all…

My professor to his credit had our first exams graded and posted before I could drive home from class the night we took them. This created an unrealistic expectation and desire for instant feedback. Now since that first exam, the professor has continued to post scores timely, but not immediately. Despite this fact  I have been unable to stop checking for a grade update, you know  two to three times a day this entire block. I’m like a test animal pressing a button to receive a snack. I can’t help myself.   I am a victim of classical conditioning.

My first class just wrapped up, and while I have done well, I have a few papers that I’m waiting to get the grade on. I’m not saying class just wrapped up last night, and I’ve checked for my grade 4 times today, but… Okay, that’s exactly what I’m saying….

I am predictably lame.