Thursday, September 29, 2011

this looks cool

But yeah, I might be a bit biased.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

happy place... find my happy place,.. find my happy place

find my happy place... find my happy place...
me and my brother

enjoying the bike races
riding with Diane is still my favorite
a new bike I won't ride for 3 months

Laurie gives it full gas in everything she does.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pulling a Win from a loss

So Sunday, September 25 is our 12th wedding anniversary. As Diane and I left the Whirly Bird Cyclocross race, we remember said anniversary. Now, earlier in the week, I knew that we would forget our anniversary, such dates and things tend to get lost in the glow of cross season, but I bought a card, and placed it in the glove-box of the Honda fit.

So as we remembered that Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary as we were  pulling out of Bryn Athyn College, I opened the glove box and was Johnny on the Spot with a funny, yet sentimental card.  We laughed about going out to diner for our anniversary as we ate Breakfast Burritos from Sonic at 4:40 on a Sunday evening.

Despite rides that neither of us were particularly happy with, I gotta call the day a win.

The 80 degree, 90% humidity was like kryptonite to me.

Cheers to the Guys Guys, a really nice course, fun day.... beat me by 3 spots today. (that's 4-1-1 vs crossresults this season)

best to you all.


photos from

Monday, September 19, 2011

Charm City Cross the weekend...

Charm City was an awesome weekend of racing.

The combination of the team putting on a great event, great tight racing, my brother coming into town and working exhaustedly to pull it all off makes this one of my favorite weekends ever.
you know what those F's stand for...

While my contributions to the race to the race are small in scope, I am really proud of my team, and the event was amazing. Great job to everyone. I am proud to be amongst your ranks. Auer and Nystrom have a great vision, and the course is always one of my favorites. This year had a little mud for the first time ever. As is normal, it was a great driver's course. Which usually suits my strength.  This weekend was no different.  Totally good stuff.

As for racing both of my days were good. I was pleased with my rides, and recognize that a year ago it wouldn't have been conceivable for me to have the rides I had this weekend... But.. But both days I crashed with less than 2 laps to go and let chasers, and my groups slip by me. 4-5 guys both days.... That'll stick in the crawl a little. Still, very fun, great racing, and I feel like my cross is good right now. I just gotta stop laying it down at crunch time. How do you figure that out? Any ideas?
Skinny Craig Vanderbacon...

My brother and the kids came into town late Friday,  Craig raced the cat4 race, and had top 10 finishes from near the back both days. Good on him...(He's not even a cat 1 mtber or a cat 3 roadie... I care remember). My niece and nephew were ripping it up in the kids race too... so rad... I love that we are racing together...
Skinny Craig...

Saturday after I threw myself on the ground, Fergie, who is frankly one of my racing heroes, rode up behind me and gave me a little push, as I had knocked the wind out of myself and struggled to get going... He kept me moving and got going again... Total class act...
61 and 62 are young vanderbacons

Sunday, after laying it down my teammate Chris Nystrom rode up to me, and paced me into the finish. He was talking to me, and keeping my head together as I struggled a bit. Not the first time Sven and I have rode across the line together, and I venture a guess, it won't be the last. Love being teammates with that guy... Again total Class....

In the I almost fell over laughing category, someone yelled, " There's no shakin' the bacon!"  as I came through with with 2 to go. The comment  kinda broke my mask of pain for a second. Totally awesome.

Monkey is still a bit beat up. She gutted it out for a solid ride Sunday, and is happily on the mend... good on her...

Rode a couple of laps with Benny The Jewlar on Sunday. It was good, we were working together really well trading pulls. It was nice. The annoucer called us, "the delaware duo!"

Perhaps after all of this, the highlight of the weekend was when we put the sandpit back in for the 2/3/4 race.
They may have not been riding it as part of their pre-ride as it was taken out for the UCI elite races.

The leader (still with pack), turned the corner and says with a smile on his face, "sand, oh fuck..." Nystrom, Seibold, Tom,  JHIII, Auer, Monkey and I were laughing... It was awesome...

we were doing some serious caring.


thanks to; Evie and for photos

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Important Annoucement for 2012


I have a big announcement to make. For the 2012 season I am going to race the beginner (cat 3) class for mountain biking. I have decided that mountainbiking is not really my thing. I mean I do a couple of races each year in the spring, but it’s not really on my radar. The skills I have honed as a Mid pack Cat 2 masters cross rider or a Cat 3 road racer that only does training crits, clearly do not translate to difficult conditions, and completion I’ll face in the beginner class.
My ass is racing  beginner.

As cross is my true love, I find the shorter distances of the beginner mountainbike races will better suit my training needs. Plus, the bulk of early mountain bike races have start times early in the morning, so I can really enjoy my off season. Thank you for all supporting me in my decision. It was a tough call for me to come to, but watching how things have unfolded this year, I think this is best for me. Thank you all for your support.

Kinda of counter intuitive isn't it. A little unrational. But yet, it's happening.

From the USA Cycling Rule Book:

1D5. Cyclocross Conversion

Cyclocross categories may also be upgraded by conversion from a rider’s earned road or cross country category.  If during the season, a rider upgrades his or her road category or XC category, the cyclocross category can be upgraded to match

the road or XC category shown below by request of the rider or by request of the administrator.

Remember, I talk shit, because I care.

all we have is our honor.

(I care)

Please note this is not directed at one person, and I want everyone to join in and race cross. Just do it in the appropriate class. At some level bike racing is bike racing and I refuse to believe that cat 1 mtbers can't handle the technical demands of a cyclocross course. I refuse to believe that experienced bike racers road or mountain ... well you get the point. Sandbagger blast of 2012 officially over.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nittany Cross

A proper cyclocross course should force a rider off of their bike, or at least force them to do something other than ride around on grass 3-4 times a lap. Very frankly, any course with just a one or two sets of barriers and a lot of turns around some fields is well, a grass crit. Sandpits and challenging off camber sections are a great example of  obstacles  that forces folks to ride differently and use skills other than being able to go fast around some soccer fields. Grass crits are fun, but really not my favorite version of cross.

doing what I do best: standing around and yelling non-sense

Heavy rains and wet weather in the Mid-Atlantic resulted in a muddy and super fun Nittany cross. This weekend's wet weather made for a course that was much different that what was offered the past few years.

Mr. Yozell did a great job with course design, as he always does,adding the new wooded section with the log, (Sunday's course) was genius. The conditions turned what I would normally describe as a drag race, into an awesome, hard, fun cross weekend. Let me say that while the past few years conditions may not have been my favorite, the promoters did a great job  and the course is always fun...

Saturday was more of a classic mud race, Sunday was much faster with a few big mud bogs - 2 that  were good runs, 2 that were good rides. Both days were super fun.

My races went well. I had fun, and battled with my groups. My results weren't stellar, but shit in that master's group I'm pleased .  I'm happy to battle in the groups. Last year I came out of Nittany feeling completely defeated, demoralized and unprepared. This year, I feel considerably better, and most importantly  I beat race predictor both days which is a total win.
In other new, my long lost cousin: Joyce VanderBeken had a good weekend on the results front.

It's good to be racing cross...


thanks to heather, joe mallis, and scott for the pictures and videos

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More from the clinic

CLINIC from SuperLuminal Films on Vimeo.

Clinic Movie. Peter kinda rocked it.

I feel so Rapha right now. I mean so team JVA now

aw fuck, I'm not cool enough for either...

15 minutes of fame start now...


Monday, September 5, 2011

Cross Kick Off Camp Weekend!

Three Days of Cross Riding with Three different Groups!


Gunnar came down and car pooled with Monkey and to the  C3 cross training camp:


a couple of uniform violations (barry and melissa were not pictured, taking extra laps)

melissa through the barriers

My left side is my best for pictures!

Moe's Bike shop= No Uniform Violation.

Andre was a rocket all day at camp. He's looking good for this season

was the JBV /Fulcrum Camp With JEREMY POWERS:

As always working the camp is a lot of fun, and lot of work. I am honored for the opportunity to share what has been taught to me with folks at the camp. It was a good day... Mayhew and Tille are very good coaches, and I always learn something from them at camp.

Two years ago, during our corning, body position and off camber section, very serendipitously I started chasing J-Pow around our little course. He left the corner open and I dove in. He slammed the door shut on me, much the pleasure of the camp. ( a big time pro, picking on a mid pack masters guy-that's cool)

Since then each year during this part of camp it a tradition that we chase each other around the off camber section, and J-Pow shuts the door on me. He's pretty good at cross if you get a chance to see him race, you should. This 30 minute section of camp ends up being one of the highlights of my season each year.

Tille, Mayhew and J Pow lay out the plan for the day

I had the pleasure of working Rusty again this year. Great Guy.

the campers!

Peter was filming the excitement. Gunnar with a uniform violation

Me goofing when I probably shouldn't

J-Pow display the pro way to stage for a race...

First Gathering of the DCCoD 2011- Why is CZ looking at my wife's boobs?

Rob Brown was like butter through the barriers

Chappy is gonna do some cross this year.
 good day we had a Labor Day Grass Track Extravaganza- Kelly J. Cline rules. Broke into small groups had some fun. When I drove by the park on Friday, I was stoked they were cutting the grass, spent an hour riding today, and 2 trying to get all the grass off the bikes....  Miss and Out races are my favorite. I chased from the back of a group the entire race, and came up short as Chappy beat me in a sprint... We followed it up with some barrier practice... A good day for all....